Brie Larson shares a new version of her Scott Pilgrim vs.World song


Captain Marvel Star Brie Larson is busy spreading the holiday spirit on YouTube. On Christmas Eve, she posted a nine-minute video on her guitar accompaniment singing about her followers’ wishes for 2021 and ended the clip with a reprise of the song “Black Sheep” played in the 2010 movie. Scott Pilgrim vs.world..

In this seriously underrated Edgar Wright movie, Larson is Scott Pilgrim’s ex-girlfriend and Clash at Demonhead! It’s a stone-cold banger and her performance is the highlight of the photo..

For my money Scott Pilgrim vs.world Earning only half of the $ 85 million box office budget is one of the movie’s biggest frauds. This is a great movie with lots of great gag and shows off the talent of many directors of Wright. Since its release, it has built up considerable cult followers, receiving praise from filmmakers for its incredible editing and transmedia stories.

The 10th anniversary of this year Set to be marked in 4K Remaster Theater Rerelease, But COVID-19 put an end to it. There was an online watch party featuring the cast and crew, during which they recalled the movie and In a retrospective article on Entertainment Weekly, Wright he is still “incredibly proud [film]..The fact that you are not doing a 10th anniversary article the expendables Say everything. “

Flick fans still have another celebration. There was a very popular video game tie-up that was removed from the online storefront in the early 2010s. But after years of spending years in the wilderness and a long fan campaign, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: Game It is currently re-released on PC and console on January 14, 2021.

In the meantime, you can stream Scott Pilgrim vs the World Rotate it with Netflix and Prime Video. It kicks the ass seriously.

Brie Larson shares a new version of her Scott Pilgrim vs.World song

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/brie-larson-reprises-awesome-scott-pilgrim-world-song-christmas/ Brie Larson shares a new version of her Scott Pilgrim vs.World song

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