Brigandine: The Legend of Renesia has been updated (version 1.1.2), patch notes

Brigandine: The Legend of Renesia has been updated (version 1.1.2), patch notes

Posted on News, Switch by Ervin on December 3, 2020

Brigandine: Legend of Brunelcia has received an update that adds new content and bug fixes. Check out the full patch notes below.

  • Added custom difficulty.
    • You can now customize up to 8 settings to enjoy a wider range of game difficulty.
  • Added high level monster Titan and Shadow Goblins.
  • Note: During combat, you can now turn on automatic mode by pressing the L stick (left stick).
    Press the L stick (left stick), A button (○ button), or B button (x button) again to turn it off. ”
    • Switches the automatic mode ON / OFF at any time, such as when contacting an enemy unit or during a monster turn.
  • Combat AI: Custom Difficulty – Guard Castle Hex has been added.
    • If you set the CPU Defense AI to “Guard Castle Hex” in the custom difficulty setting, the CPU will deploy an army and keep it around the castle (base) hex.
  • Combat AI: Difficult Difficulty-The recovery selection algorithm is now more effective.
  • Combat AI: Difficult Difficulty – It’s now easier to target and attack knights.
  • Combat AI: All Difficulties-Fixed the timing and target of certain buff spells.
  • Added the ability to manage items.
    • Players can use items and change equipment at all locations.
  • Added the function to discard multiple devices at once.
  • Added the ability to release multiple monsters at once.
  • Add repeat commands to quests to repeat specific quests each season.
  • Show details when collecting items during quest results.
  • Added detailed stats page for knights and monsters to the info panel.
  • The sort function in the information panel now remembers the last sort order.
  • Added knight information to each base on the main map.
  • Added the relationship between information and power supply to the system menu.
  • Added an option for the number of frontline knight confirmation dialogs (which can be turned on / off).
  • The game version at the start of the game and the selected difficulty level are now displayed when replaying a battle.
  • Increased monster limit from 100 to 200.
  • Combat: Increased the changeable camera angle (height) from 2 layers to 3 layers.
  • Combat: Added army color coding options (switch between the two types).
  • Combat: Attacks on stunned units are always a hit.
  • Combat: Added the option to fast forward slower combat (choose from 3 tiers).
  • Combat: Reduces the healing or poison damage display time at the beginning of the turn.
  • Added options to increase cursor speed (choose from 4 layers).
  • Adjusted the menu behavior so that the player does not accidentally end the turn.
  • Removed level-ups from random events in challenge mode.
  • Adjusted the summon / organization algorithm to prioritize costly monsters.
  • Fixed a rare GPU related bug.
  • Level down Volume down for sound effects.
  • Combat: Fixed a bug where retreating knights could not be found at any base.
  • Fixed an issue related to certain knight recruitment requirements.
  • Tutorial: Fixed a rare bug that occurred during screen transitions.
  • Minor text corrections.
  • Other minor bug fixes.


Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia update out now (version 1.1.2), patch notes

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