Bright Memory is now available for digital pre-orders on the Xbox Series X | S

Bright Memory is an ultra-fast fusion of FPS and action genres created by one development studio FYQD using Unreal Engine. Combine a wide variety of skills and abilities to unleash dazzling combo attacks. The adventures of Sheria, an agent of the SRO (Supernatural Science Research Organization), are about to begin. The game depicts the adventures of a female maiden named Sheria in 2020. The 1000-year-old relic swords found in SRO’s research, called “Kansho and Bakuya,” were found to form a unique multi-layered structure, including mysterious ones. Known as the “Soul of Kyugen,” this substance has the ability to revive the dead. In order to obtain material, “SAI” (a large terrorist organization that controls its own army) uses state-of-the-art technology known as “quantum transporter” to invade the SRO research facility and take the lead. I stole it. Secret and incredibly dangerous data. To make matters worse, while trying to adjust the coordinates with the Quantum Transporter, Sheria accidentally activated the device and immediately transported everyone nearby to the floating island. Floating islands are an aerial continent near the Arctic and have been undisturbed by sleep for over 1000 years. It was soon discovered that the various beasts and corpses of the people who once lived on the island were revived by the “soul of Ju Suan” and came to Sheria … Sheria: Hannah Grace The female protagonist. 21 years old. Her parents were in the military. After losing her parents in a sudden tragic accident at the age of six, she was brought up by Professor Richard Carter, the founder of SRO. Her superhuman abilities, which have undergone various types of military training over the years and have shined among her peers in almost every field, have made her position as a member of the super-elite “SRO Emergency Inspection Team”. Established. Carter: Founder of Jack Merruzzi SAI. Male, 35 years old. Taking advantage of his influential position, he struck it abundantly by buying and selling a huge number of ancient relics on the black market. After discovering the existence of “Jiu Xuan’s Soul”, he immediately infiltrated the SRO in an attempt to steal confidential data.

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Bright Memory Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order On Xbox Series X|S

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