Brightbound reveals a new horror with a major new update!

The charm of mystery Provides a wealth of additions and improvements to Bright boundIt’s the biggest update to date, bringing a concrete air of prestige to character ranks, bringing sneaky new randomized enemies and important gameplay features.

An impressive new area is ready for underhold heroes to explore. Hidden in the yawning Underhold Depths is his new boss, Haäken, who was imprisoned.

In addition to the hero’s trials, there are two new enemies. Elusive Wretch has grown and the striking Sinful Totemist has recently made the lives of many adventurers on the battlefield even more difficult.

But coming to the rescue is a new playable hero, Stand Hall Roland. This is an exhibitionist who is out of control on the battlefield with blockades and long-range killings. Roland refuses to let horror or Bright touch his perfection!

Any player will be able to choose any hero before matchmaking, promising more versatility and tactical potential than ever before. In addition, a wealth of new items have been added to the game along with each recipe, and detailed hero stats ensure that items aren’t wasted. Your quest to strengthen the shelter.

In addition, encounter randomization allows the type of enemies to change between runs, allowing every excursion to offer its own challenge.

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Blightbound Reveals New Horrors in Major New Update!

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