Bring your holiday support with the new Halo toys

Pay attention to Halo fans! The holiday is just around the corner. It’s time to start shopping for friends, family, and maybe yourself while you’re at it. Fortunately, there are plenty of new Halo-themed products and toys in the store. Step into your favorite Spartan boots and they’ll all be filled with the holiday spirit. Take a tour of some of the great products out there and available … now!

Mega Constrax

This year we teamed up with Mega’s friends to create an incredible new set. You can now use the new helmet set to put the Master Chief on the shelf. The set comes with a buildable AI chip that you can insert into the slot. The 414 piece set may not be big enough to wear, but you can see it by looking around. The Master Chief’s Gold Visor is always on the lookout for you.

Mega has also created two of the best sets ever, using a replica Energy Sword that looks very intimidating in the mantle and a huge new Pelican Dropship. The Pelican is equipped with poseable wings, a cockpit hatch, a work landing gear, and comes with three microfigures: Master Chief, Pilot, and Exiled Hunter. Over 2000 pieces, this set is huge and is the perfect gift for the builder of your life.

Mega ring

In a strong word, my personal favorite set is the Forerunner Ring Installation. Now you can put a Halo ring at home with a mini tree, rivers and mountains. But what makes this set perfect is the ability to snap each ring segment. You can also use the five sets to create a full-fledged Halo ring. But all sensory life in the galaxy should be safe, as it can’t be fired yet without an index … I think.

Evil cool toys

If you or your loved one is a collector or really likes to play with toys, we have a great lineup of action figures for you to check out. On scales from 4 inches to 1 foot high, you’ll surely find the perfect one to recreate the massive battles known for Halo. Available figures include the Kat-B320, Brute Chief Tan with Gravity Hammer, Banished Ghost, Elite Warlord, Wartog, and of course the Master Chief himself. I’m not saying that I spend most of the afternoon recreating the iconic moments of the game with action figures, but I’m not saying I’m not.

Spartan collection


Whether you’re a kid or a kid in the heart, there’s little more fun than blasting your best friend with Nerf darts. You can now use the new MA40 and Mangler to give your combat a bit of Halo flavor. Both are inspired by the weapons of. Halo Infinite.. The MA40 comes with a 10 darts clip and electric blaster, and the mangler comes with a 6 darts drum. Both toys come with their own digital code, so you can get a special in-game add-on to use when: Halo Infinite It will be released in 2021. The MA40 is currently available and the Mangler will be released on January 1st.

Nerv Hello


Of course we need it, so don’t pretend you don’t need Funko Pop anymore in our lives! With some new items featuring both Master Chief and Spartan MKVII, and some unique and exclusive variations, it’s agitated. In addition to the three standard Funko Pops, we also offer the Spartan MKVII with Best Buy exclusive Master Chief Hydro Deco Variant, Target Exclusive Master Chief Active Camo Variant, and GameStop Exclusive Shock Rifle Variant. But why choose when you can collect all six instead?

Funko social lineup

Dark horse

Those who know me know that I have one passion … I love Statue. Specifically, I love this statue of Zeta Hello’s Master Chief. Halo Infinite.. This 10.5-inch statue is a must-have for collectors, with plenty of gorgeous details. Look at the pose! Burns and abrasions on the armor! Quiet heroism! This work of art is the exclusive best buy in the United States (visit Halo Waypoint for international availability) and is now available!

Halo Infinite Master Chief

2020 was a year (to say the least). So we hope you find joy and fun in these great Halo products from our great partners. I hope you all have a great holiday season. See you in 2021 with even cooler Halo gear!

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Bring on the Holiday Cheer with New Halo Toys

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