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Brisbane Broncos rookie Ryan James reveals game plan to tackle real estate market

Ryan James and his wife Anna and their sons Brooklyn and Carter

Ryan James, a new employee at NRL Brisbane Broncos and former Gold Coast Titans captain, reveals how he worked on real estate games to reach his goal of living a free mortgage at the age of 30.

Experienced forward bought his first home at the age of 20, but struggled to raise money despite a six-digit deal with Titans who played for 10 years before stinting at Canberra Raiders in 2021. bottom.

Thirty-year-old James bought and sold five properties on the Gold Coast and settled in Bonogin’s “Eternal House” with his wife Anna and two young sons, Brooklyn and Carter.

Gold Coast Titans Media Session

Former Titans captain shared his tips on Property Prequel, the debut episode of the new podcast. (Photo by Chris Hide / Getty Images)

A respected player reveals his savvy investment strategy in the debut episode of Property Prequel, a podcast hosted by local buyer Matt Slamah with co-host investment adviser Nathan Cross. I made it.

James first climbed the property ladder to a four-bedroom, double-room home in Miami that he bought in 2012. He lived in the house on the second floor and refurbished the exterior and resold it for $ 787,000 in 2016.

“I had a deal with Titans. I have a $ 50,000 deposit and I think the house was only $ 515,000 and was the GFC around or shortly after, so the bank intends to offer me a loan. No, but my contract was more than the house wanted. “Why don’t you give me money?” He said.

Ryan James’s Eternal House in Bonozin’s acreage

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With the help of the first homebuyer’s grant at the time, James managed to secure the money, but remembered that experience as the biggest hurdle to his investment journey.

“It was very hard to get into the market and tell all the guards and them,’Because you are a soccer player, you may be injured and you may not have this money,'” he said in September. James said. Signed a one-year contract with Broncos.

James will focus on reselling for profit and then upgrading each property to take advantage of equity, gradually increasing investment to increase profits and affording the family’s dream home. Is done.

James’s first real estate purchase in Miami

“There is no right or wrong way … People like to invest. I like to live and sell to them.

“I’ve always thought that not paying capital gains was the best way to make money. It’s like the way I did in the short term to make money as an athlete.” He said.

James bought Kira’s two-bedroom investment unit for $ 260,000 in 2014 (sold for $ 300,000 in 2017) and Maggeraba’s four-bedroom home for $ 706,000 in 2015 with his family. I did a reform.

The location sold for $ 1.2 million in 2018, but James settled in Bonozin’s three-acre property for $ 1.32 million earlier that year.

NRL Rd5-Titans v Panthers

Cracking the market for the first time was his biggest hurdle (Photo courtesy of Chris Hyde / Getty Images).

“I was always pretty smart, but my mistake probably hated me because we always lived on construction sites, but everyone owns their home completely. The ultimate goal is to live there, so I’ve achieved results … I’m trying to achieve results in the process so far. “

James said it was within six months of reaching the goal of repayment of the family’s home, supported by the sale of another investment property. This is a block of 3 units of Tagan that was purchased for $ 890,000 in 2019 and sold for $ 1.25 million last year.

Slamah said James’ investment journey is a lesson in the effective use of capital by not being afraid to take action at calculated risks.

Brisbane Broncos rookie Ryan James reveals game plan to tackle real estate market Brisbane Broncos rookie Ryan James reveals game plan to tackle real estate market

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