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If you were surprised that Auburn’s linebacker KJ Brit was chosen in the fifth round, so was Brit. Buccane hired a strong linebacker after little communication with him before the draft. After just one meeting in the Senior Bowl, there was something about Brit that Tampa Bay liked.

“I was really blind,” Brit said. “I just really talked to Bacchus in the Senior Bowl. I had a great interview with Bacchus in the Senior Bowl. In the process, I didn’t talk to any of the coaching staff or anything. As I said, I did 3-4 interviews with teams and only one interview with Buccane at the Senior Bowl. I think it just impressed them. “

Bucs ILB KJ Britt – Photo: USA Today

Buccane focuses on several areas to improve the team: speed and love for football games. Brit certainly fits their definition of having a passion for sports. Although he missed all but two games last season due to an injury, Brit wanted to make sure he could return to play in the Senior Bowl for a final look in front of the scouts. Brit had a great week of practice where his fiery attitude was on display. He was actually selected as a top linebacker and made five tackles in the game in addition to the losing and pass breakup tackles.

“Not playing all these games hurt me,” Brit said. “I just wanted to go to the senior bowl and show them what the ball could do and show me what I could do. And show me everything I could do. Try putting it in the showcase. . “

Brit ran a slower-than-expected 4.76 time on Pro Day, but was pulled up during a 40-yard dash due to hamstring tensions. Most NFL teams have nailed Brit as a linebacker at speeds in the 4.6 range.

Brit knows he’ll come to Bucks to play behind two studs, Devin White and Labonte David. This is a great opportunity to learn from the best players in the league. Meanwhile, he will play a role in a special team while learning defense.

“It doesn’t matter what I play,” Brit said. “I just want to be on the field. I’m hungry. I’m dying to play. I didn’t play this year, so it had a big impact on my mind, including the draft of the fifth round. It doesn’t matter. I just want to play soccer again. I don’t care what I play, I just want to go with the winning team, last year’s Super Bowl champion. I just want to go play, what I play It doesn’t matter. I promise. “

Another point Buccane emphasized in this draft was the improvement of special team units. Brit has played there and may be fun to watch due to his intense nature. He is willing to accept the role and be ready to contribute to the team.

“I want to play for a special team,” Brit said. “I want to be as good as I can. I want to help the team. I’m a big team player. If they need me on a special team, they need me on a special team. They defend If you need me for, then defense. I just want to play soccer. After all, a special team, defense-it’s all soccer. I’m a soccer player and I just want to play soccer. The rest Will handle it myself. “

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Brit was “blind” by being drafted by Bacchus Brit was “blind” by being drafted by Bacchus

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