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Britain permanently deploys two warships in Asian waters

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Tokyo-UK announced on Tuesday that it would subsequently permanently deploy two warships in Asian waters. Queen Elizabeth Aircraft carriers and escorts will depart for Japan in September in the sea where China is competing for influence between the United States and Japan.

Plans for a high-profile visit by carrier strike groups will come as London deepens its security ties with Tokyo. Tokyo has been on the alert in recent months against China’s territorial ambitions in the region, including Taiwan.

Britain’s Defense Minister Ben Wallace said in a joint announcement with Nobuo Kishi in Tokyo, “Following the first strike group deployment, Britain will permanently allocate two vessels to the region from later this year.” Stated.

After they arrived in Japan, Mr. Kishi said, Queen Elizabeth The destroyer was then split for separate ports of call to US and Japanese naval bases along the Japanese archipelago.

In a deployment statement, a Pentagon spokesperson said the UK “commitment to an interconnected network of allies and partners to mutually cooperate and support freedom of navigation and a rule-based order in the Indo-Pacific region.” I blessed you.

Japan, a close ally of the United States, accepts the most concentrated US forces outside the United States, including ships, aircraft, and thousands of Marines.

The British aircraft carrier carrying the F-35B stealth jet on its first voyage will be moored at Japan’s Fleet Command and Yokosuka, home of the USS. Ronald Reagan, The only US aircraft carrier deployed forward.

A spokesman for the British Embassy in Tokyo said that when asked from which port the Royal Navy’s vessels would operate, the British vessels would not have a permanent base.

TheΒ· Queen Elizabeth It is escorted by two destroyers, two frigates, two support vessels, and vessels from the United States and the Netherlands.

Arriving in Japan via the South China Sea, some of which are claimed by China and Southeast Asian countries, stop at India, Singapore and South Korea.

As a further sign of Britain’s growing regional involvement, Wallace traveled to Japan with a delegation of military commanders, and Britain was also a Marine Corps unit trained to carry out missions, including evacuation and counter-terrorism operations. He said he would eventually deploy the Litoral Response Group. .. β€” β€” Reuters

Britain permanently deploys two warships in Asian waters Britain permanently deploys two warships in Asian waters

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