British Gangster Stealing PS5 From Delivery Truck-Driving

I’ve reported some theories about how the PS5 is lost in the UK, but I didn’t expect the gang to steal the PS5 from behind the delivery truck while driving. According to The Times, PS5s (TVs, cosmetics, cell phones, cigarettes) have been stolen from moving trucks at least 27 times in the UK this year, and the numbers appear to be rising ahead of Christmas. Police apparently contacted the delivery company about the tactic.

In this technique, called “rollover,” multiple cars box on a moving truck, and thieves (wearing ropes) move the cars back to climb nearby, access backdoors, and steal stolen goods. Before the car left, go back and climb.As reported in a UK missing PS5 survey, supply chains such as Amazon have high security for their warehouses, and delivery drivers are closely monitored to ensure that their journey is complete. However, career criminals told the Times that rollover has become a particularly popular tactic due to the equivalent lack of security during delivery. Police are advising companies to increase security or reroute.

What did you think

It seems unlikely that this is the only tactic in the UK that will lead to the loss of the PS5. Many consoles are “delivered”, only for recipients to find irrelevant items in the box, and gangsters stealing from moving trucks probably haven’t replaced the stolen box. ..

This is part of the big picture of what makes PS5 difficult to find at retail prices, from pre-order and release date issues to scalping and theft of organizations that use bots. It was a widespread issue that even Saturday Night Live covered it. In some better news, the British people who mysteriously exchanged the PS5 seem to be receiving units from Amazon’s next inventory.

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