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After a difficult outing at the Austrian Grand Prix last weekend, Hamilton fell 32 points below Max Verstappen in the drivers’ rankings, but world champions are undoubtedly in the difficult situation he is facing.

And Mercedes is set to bring some development to Silverstone racing To reduce Red Bull’s deficit, Hamilton is skeptical about its implications.

“We’re coming a bit, but it’s not going to fill the gap enough,” he said. “We have to do some work.”

Red Bull’s upgrade push has helped Milton Keynes-based teams win the last five races in a row, and Hamilton hasn’t won since the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

Mercedes arguably Red Bull has the fastest car at the moment, but Hamilton also hopes that truck features have recently shifted things to rivals.

“These past races were difficult, and obviously he’s almost just ahead,” Hamilton added. “So there’s not much I can do about it.

“Of course, I’m hoping for another scenario in the next race, but when I look at their car, it’s just on the rails, so we’re giving it absolutely everything.

“For the last two weeks I’ve been to the factory and trying to extract as much as possible from the car every week. But our car doesn’t work here [in Austria] with some reason. I really hope it will happen in these next events. “

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Hamilton’s teammate Valtteri Bottas agrees that the Red Bull Ring layout did not show Mercedes’ strengths and hopes the situation will be different at Silverstone.

“I’ve been racing on the same track for two weeks and it’s clear that Red Bull is faster here, but it can be different on some other tracks,” Finn explained.

“I think this truck fits their car pretty well, but it’s not late anywhere else. Silverstone is totally different. There are more high speed corners so we’ll take a look.

“I have some plans for a new bit of Silverstone. After that, I think it will be quieter for new parts, but I will keep pushing as much as I can, but I know it will be difficult.”

Additional reports by Oleg Karpov and Adam Cooper

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British Grand Prix upgrade is not enough to fill the Red Bull F1 gap British Grand Prix upgrade is not enough to fill the Red Bull F1 gap

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