British Parliamentarians want to make console scalping illegal and want more consumer protection

Many MPs have submitted early day motions calling for a ban on resale of game consoles and computer components purchased using automated bots.

The motion was proposed by six members of the Scottish National Party and is endorsed by 24 members at the time of writing. One is an Independent Party and the other is two Labor members of the Democratic Unionist Party.

Early day motion is a motion that asks the House of Commons to discuss a topic without a fixed date, and is usually used to draw attention to a particular event or issue. As a result, there is no guarantee that it will result in legislative changes or will be discussed at all.

Still, it’s worth seeing the sitting MP calling for discussion about scalping. As a result, some consumers aren’t getting access to next-generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X / S and PlayStation 5, while others are far ahead of the market. Prices for sites like eBay.

To address this issue, MPs are asking the government to submit a bill similar to the one that bans the resale and scalping of tickets for concerts, gigs and other events. It makes scalping illegal and provides consumers with meaningful protection.

“This house should offer new releases of game consoles and computer components to all customers below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and should not be purchased in bulk using automated bots. I’m thinking. Retailers. “

“”[This House] Requested the government to submit legislation similar to that introduced for secondary sale of tickets, thereby significantly exceeding the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and even this house for game consoles and computer components. Resale at a price is prohibited. In addition, we urge the government to submit a bill that makes resale of goods purchased using automated bots illegal. This prevents malicious vendors from cheating by denying the opportunity to make huge profits at the expense of real gamers and computer users. Cyber ​​criminal activity. “

According to the British Parliament website, early day motion generally attracts one or two signatures on average, so resale motion already seems to have exceeded expectations.

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