British politicians are proposing a new law to stop the PS5 and Xbox Series X scalpers

Do the next generation of scalpers need to worry? (Photo: Getty Images)

Buying and reselling new consoles using bots can be illegal in the future if a group of Scottish parliamentarians give way.

If you get angry every time you read We’re talking about Scalper, which sells next-generation consoles at soaring prices, but if you’re complaining that “there should be a law against it,” you might just get your hope.

A motion was submitted by six Scottish National Party lawmakers explaining the law that prevents consoles from being bought in bulk and sold at soaring prices.

“This house should offer new releases of game consoles and computer components to all customers below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and should not be purchased in bulk using automated bots. Thinking. Retailers read the early moves.

The motion requires the government to submit a proposal similar to that introduced to prevent ticket scalping and to make resale of items purchased by bots illegal.

The text of the motion is all perfectly rational, seems to understand the subject well, and if the law is enacted, malicious vendors will sacrifice enormous amounts for real gamers and computer users. He states that he will deny the opportunity to make a profit. Stop fraudulent cybercriminal activity. “

It’s hard to say whether the motion will actually be legislated, but I’m a little worried that the bill isn’t currently supported by Conservative or Labor lawmakers.

It’s hard to imagine anyone violating the law, especially given the existing restrictions on ticket scalping, but it can be more important than what the MP wants to do at this time.

Aside from strange moral panics, the British government rarely says much about video games, but seriously considers the loot box issue and EA is their idiot in front of digital, culture, media and sports. Last year’s committee announced a “surprise mechanic” statement.

It seems that nothing happened at first, but as other countries such as Belgium have already done, the government is still investigating the issue and could end up banning loot boxes.

PlayStation 5ebay Scalper

Wouldn’t it be nice if this wasn’t allowed anymore (Photo: eBay)

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UK politicians suggest new law to stop PS5 and Xbox Series X scalpers

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