British politicians call for banning console scalping and bot use

A motion to ban “resale of game consoles and computer parts at prices well above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price” and ban the use of bots to purchase those items. I submitted. The Scottish National Party has submitted this motion, according to a VGC report, and at the time of its writing, 23 signatures have been collected from members of several political parties.

The move aims to ban the sale of consoles and computer components above the recommended retail price, ban bulk purchases by automated bots, and prevent resale at soaring prices. The motion specifically refers to the 2018 UK law passed to prevent the “rip-off price” of resale of tickets for live events. The law requires secondary sellers of other live event tickets to be transparent about the original price of the purchase and other details related to the purchase, and owns the item in question to prevent fraud. Force resellers to prove that they are.

The full text of the motion is as follows:

“This house believes that new releases of game consoles and computer components should be available to all customers below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and should not be purchased in bulk using automated bots. Retailers have asked the government to submit a bill similar to the one introduced for secondary sale of tickets, thereby playing games at the manufacturer’s suggested retail price and even well above the home. Prohibiting resale of machine and computer components. The government has submitted a bill that makes resale of goods purchased using automated bots illegal, thereby allowing malicious vendors to deprive real gamers and computer users. It refuses the opportunity to make huge profits at the expense, while at the same time stopping fraudulent cyber criminal activity. “

The move was submitted as an early motion calling for the House of Commons in the United Kingdom to formally discuss this topic. Sadly, Early Day Motions rarely goes through this process, but British readers are advised to contact local MPs and ask them to support the movement.After the release of the next generation console, scalping has become a very visible issue. The PS5 has reached prices as high as $ 2000 in the resale market, and bot users claim to resell thousands of units at soaring prices. It’s a trend that may have been inspired by the rise of sneaker culture.

Its huge supply and demand could have led to even worse events-over the UK, PS5s seem to have been exchanged from Amazon’s deliveries, and gangsters are stealing them from the move of delivery trucks. I will.

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