British politicians demand scalping law following the launch of PS5 and Xbox Series X

Alex Calvin, Tuesday, December 15, 2020 17:23 GMT

This law makes it illegal to resell items purchased from bots.

A group of British politicians Playstation 5 And Xbox series X console.

According to VGC, six Scottish National Party MPs yesterday (Monday, December 14) “call for a law to stop resale of game consoles and computer components,” the price is recommended by the manufacturer. It is well above the retail price. This also makes it illegal to resell items purchased using bots.

So far, 10 MPSs, primarily from Scotland, have signed the bill. It has not yet been shown if this will be called for a debate in the British House of Commons.

This follows the launch of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S consoles in November. A scalping group – CrepChiefNotify – boasted that it had hooked about 3,500 new Sony machines. At launch, the group landed 2,472 consoles in addition to the “less than 1,000” PS5 pre-orders it won in September.

The group also tried to buy 1,000 Xbox Series Xs from retailer Berry, but these orders were canceled by the company.

These machines make a lot of money in the secondary market. The PlayStation 5s is a service like Ebay that raises £ 990, while the Xbox Series X is over £ 700. UK second-hand retailer CEX has also charged the PS5 £ 815, offering users £ 650 to sell a £ 450 machine.

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UK politicians call for scalping laws following PS5 and Xbox Series X launches

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