British politicians want to make scalping and automatic bots illegal

Scalping has been around for years, but the lack of consoles on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S has made this practice a hot topic. As reported by VGC, six British politicians are demanding legislation that makes scalping illegal.

Yesterday, politicians formally demanded a debate in the Capitol on scalping practices. Their main requirement is to “prohibit resale of game consoles and computer components at prices well above the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.” The request states, “New releases of game consoles and computer components must be available to all customers below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.”

Many people are having a hard time getting one of the new consoles in time for Christmas. As a result, more and more people are buying consoles from third-party sellers. This is often much higher than the original $ 399 for digital consoles and $ 499 for disk consoles. The price reached $ 5,000, and an analysis of eBay’s sales revealed a profit of $ 19 million on the PS5 console in the United States alone. However, the problem is not limited to high prices. Many believe that the shortage is exacerbated by those who can buy a huge number of consoles for profit-seeking resale.

British politicians also want to ban the use of automated bots. The request states that “the consoles should not be purchased in bulk using automated bots, which often avoid the maximum purchase quantity imposed by retailers.” The bot can also notify the user when more inventory is available. What Scalper uses cuts the user directly to the top of the purchase queue. It then automatically adds the item to the basket and completes the checkout process faster than the human reflexes can manage.

The automated bot has succeeded in creating a huge number of consoles for a particular scalper group. Some individuals managed to win over 200 consoles on their own. The point of making the use of these bots illegal is to prevent malicious vendors from having the opportunity to make huge profits at the expense of real gamers and computer users, while at the same time preventing fraudulent cybercriminal activity. That is.

The request has been signed by 15 politicians so far, but has no date to be discussed in Congress.

[Source: Video Games Chronicle]

UK Politicians Wish to Make Scalping Illegal, Including Use of Automated Bots

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