Britney Spears document about the power of attorney fight coming to Netflix

update: Netflix has released a complete trailer for the new documentary Britney vs. SpearsRecord the seemingly endless battle of autonomy of pop stars. Watch the trailer to see if you’re screaming “Britney’s Justice” with many of her fans.


Netflix has released a documentary about Britney Spears, which is one step closer to reaching the screen. An 18-second teaser was released for a project where you can hear Spears leaving a message to a lawyer in 2009..The trailer will be dropped at some point today for the title documentary Britney vs. Spear..

The documentary is directed by Erin Lee Carr and has been in progress for over a year. The documentary is centered around the very rare parents of Spears and is reported to feature key figures in Spears’ orbit. Given how tightly she has been protected from media opportunities through the power of attorney, Spears herself is unlikely to appear on the project. Earlier this month, Spears’ father, Jamie, asked the judge to end her 13-year power of attorney. When talking about his daughter, the lawyer wrote in the request, “If Mr. Spears wants to end his guardianship and believes he can handle his life, he believes he should get the chance.”

The Spears’ power of attorney battle has been going on since 2008, after pop stars have been hit by a very popular collapse due to increased pressure from paparazzi and mental health issues. The power of attorney was aimed at protecting Spears’ well-being and finances, and at least publicly seemed to favor her. Spears made a major comeback, released a few more hit albums, toured the world, launched a TV project and made a record stay in Las Vegas. Despite this perceived success, singer fans began to suspect she was being used. #FreeBritney The movement was born.

This all came to my mind following Hulu Britney Spears Framing A documentary co-delivered with FX as part of the “New York Times Presents” series.The documentary is partially focused #FreeBritney Fan movements, which for years have said the singer has been under the power of attorney against her will, have caused turmoil on social media and into Spears’ unusual 13-year power of attorney. Raised interest. Suddenly, the people behind the movement didn’t seem to spit out conspiracy theories. Soon their claims began to reveal a lot.

Eventually, the Spears situation was pushed back to the center of the international news cycle. During this time, Spears gave her own testimony for the first time. June 23, 2021, At a hearing at the Los Angeles Superior Court.Since the hearing that Spears called her guardian “Abusive” The singer’s legal struggle continues with unwavering support from fans in Hollywood and around the world, not to mention media scrutiny and fan investigation into all legal declarations.

Spears has been tightly protected from media interviews and public places as her guardian, especially recently. The singer hinted to the media in a non-banned statement made to the judge on June 23, 2021.So Spears pleaded for it for her “sanity,” she “needs” Approval to have an interview where you can hear her story. She went on to say, “I have the right to take on myself with my own voice.” She explained that she wanted to publish a cure that the restorer claimed to have endured. “I can’t tell the public what they did to me, and by saying nothing, it’s okay.” She added.

Jamie’s bid to end the power of attorney put Spears one step closer to her freedom. Crazy, but it was thought she was allowed to drive herself. In particular, she has enough mental and physical ability to take a world tour, make an album, run a Las Vegas resident and make money for those who work for her. I don’t think anyone deserves such a limit, especially if they think. Perhaps the most frightening part of Spears’ claim on June 23, 2021 was that she had to put in an IUD because she couldn’t get pregnant, almost eliminating her choice to have a baby. They are also said to have hampered her desire to marry her longtime boyfriend Sam Asgari. With signs that things may be loose in Spears, The duo recently announced their engagement on her Instagram page..

Premiere date September 28, 2021, Expected for a new documentary and consistent with Spears’ future plans September 29, 2021, The date of the court to address the status of her adult guardianship system. Are you watching

Britney Spears document about the power of attorney fight coming to Netflix

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