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Miami – Colby Covington think Tyron Woodley Throw Jake Paul Fight.

Former UFC Welterweight Champions Woodley and Paul will face off in a boxing match at Showtime Pay-Per-View on August 28th.

This is Paul’s second match against MMA fighter, but Cobington believes that YouTube’s sensation has carefully selected fighter who have passed the heyday. Not only that, he is urgently asked by his former enemy Woodley. I need money and I think I’m more likely to dive.

“No doubt he chooses to fight players towards the end of his career,” Cobington told MMA Junkie. “Don’t get me wrong-Tyrone has a great legacy. He has been a world champion several times, but he is timeless. He is almost 40 years old. He is 38 and 39 years old. But Jake is doing the right thing, just ending his career and fighting the right fighter who doesn’t have enough gas left in his tank.

“But they’re doing this intentionally and I think Tyrone is out diving. I think he’s broken. He needs money. He has a mouth to eat. He has a lot of compensation to pay, so I think he’s going to go there and dive in. It’s going to be a circus and boxing is the most corrupt sport in the world. We know. So this little side circus they’re doing with Jake Paul will, of course, support his way of making it work.

He’s focused on winning the UFC gold medal, and Cobington doesn’t mind joining there with Paul himself, but it’s doubtful if a fight will take place.

“Tyron-it’s my son. So I’m Tyron Woodley’s legal guardian, so I might have to show up and cause confusion and start something,” said Cobington. “Jake Paul , You need to know he’s not a real fighter. He’s a little YouTube star. He was a little Lizzie McGuire Disney kid, but now he has a lot of fame in the Disney world.

“But I’m still Tyron’s dad, and if Jake Paul wants to be one of the best fighters in the world, I have to come see him, but until then, fight the timeless guys. If you want to continue, OK. But it’s unreliable and Tyron Woodley doesn’t represent the world of MMA. “

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“Broke” Tyron Woodley dives into Jake Paul “Broke” Tyron Woodley dives into Jake Paul

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