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Hitting a home run from a major league pitcher is one of the most difficult things an athlete can do. You need good timing, preparation, and, of course, enough strength.

But hit Homer while the bat breaks in half? This is a whole new definition of strength. A broken bat ginger may not be as peculiar as the shot Babe Ruth called in the 1932 World Series, for example, but it’s rare enough to be surprised every time it’s done with a big league diamond. So that’s what we do here … Take a seat and enjoy some of the most memorable debris home runs in recent history.

Yandy Diaz (Raise) vs.Giants, April 5, 2019
After hitting just one home run in 88 games against the Indians in 2017-18, Diaz didn’t take much time to join the raise in the December 2018 trade and set a new career high. .. Defeated the second home run of the 2019 season in his seventh game. Despite breaking his bat, Slugger produced an exit speed of 94.6mph with a blast that moved 373 feet to the left fielder.

Joey Gallo (Rangers) vs. Angels, August 16, 2018
Garo showed his strength when connecting from the Angels right fielder to the right wing in two home runs. Taylor callAs a result, his bat tore at the handle. The solo shot was Slugger’s 32nd ginger of the year, but he hadn’t finished damaging the bat and Angels pitching staff. He broke two RBIs in the 8th inning with an RBI double and put muscle into the right side gap of relief Justin Anderson.

Bryce Harper(Nationals) vs.Mets, April 16, 2018
Harper has participated in this rival game, which already leads the major with seven home runs. No. 8 was one of the most memorable sluggers to date, as he attacked the opening fastball from Mets’ ace. Jacob deGrom Then, leaving only the handle of the bat in his hand, he went down the first base line.

“It was pretty shocking,” said Deglom. “I heard the bats break, then I saw and saw them. [Mets right fielder Brandon] Nemo just keeps going. I just said,’Oh. I think it’s from here. “

Indeed, Harper was somehow able to muscularize his shattered bat blast with a 406-foot projection. Statcast ™, Completely 8 feet above the average distance of MLB home runs at that time of the season. Needless to say, Harper’s biceps flexion to end the journey around the base was completely justified.

Nelson Cruz(Mariners) vs.Yankees, August 22, 2016
The reputation of Cruz’s power was already well established by the time he confronted the Yankees’ rescuer. Kirby Yates The Mariners are in 8th place with a 6-5 lead. Seattle’s slugger took Yates’ off-speed pitch and quietly crossed Safeco Field’s left-wing wall. Cruz’s Marucci Bat broke straight across the handle, further solidifying the legacy of the northwestern “boom stick.”

Mike Napoli (Red Sox) vs Twins, Spring 2015 Training
The ball from the Naples bat soared towards a replica of the Green Monster in Fenway South Park, and most of the Naples bat soared towards the third base dugout. This was the first time he remembered Naples hitting a bat home run, and he was then at a loss trying to explain to reporters how he did it.

“When I hit the ball to the right before, I think I broke it at bat. [field]Naples said. “I wasn’t sure, but I thought I hit the barrel. It was weird. The bat exploded and I was just sitting there.

“I was running around the base like’what happened’.”

A home run in Naples was just a drop in a bucket of meaningless wins in the Red Sox’s 14-2 Grapefruit League, but those at the Fort Myers, Florida stand probably still remember the intense explosion.

Miguel Cabrera (Tigers) vs Giants, 2012 World Series Game 4
The lasting image of the 2012 World Series is when the giant rescues Sergio Romo At the end of this contest, he froze the mighty Cabrera with the end of the series. But what I don’t remember much is the homer miggy hit of the two-run broken bat that gave the Tigers a two-run early lead in Game 4. Cabrera made contact just below the sweet spot, but about the follow-through, which was enough to bend and break the bat. It was probably not enough to reduce the best right-handed batters of his generation, and this striking ginger really has to be more than just a footnote to the history of autumn classics.

Chris Davis (Orioles) vs. Pirates, June 13, 2012
Pirates relief Tony Watson did his job when he was able to see off Davis’ bat on seven pitches. Unfortunately for Watson, Davis was too strong to deny.

“That’s one of those crazy things,” Davis later told reporters. “Crazy things are always happening in this game.”

Pirates manager Clint Hurdle took his own confused view of Davis’ explosion.

“I’ve never seen a man get out of the batter’s box with a four-inch tree in his hand and hit a home run,” Hurdling told The Baltimore Sun. “It was new to me.”

Justin Upton (D Bucks) vs.Pirates, September 19, 2011
Hurdle said he had never seen a bat home run before Davis’s home run played against the club in 2012, but he witnessed Upton doing exactly the same before the D-back season. ..

Upton defeated Jeff Karstens, who offered to defeat a scoreless tie with Bucks in the sixth inning at Chase Field. However, not only the ball that landed on the wall of the left wing was destroyed. So did the bat. The barrel landed on third base.

The ball landed just above the left wall, and when left fielder Alex Presley jumped in an attempt to steal Upton, the hurdle challenged a home run because of fan interference. As a result of the review, home runs continued and Arizona led Upton 1-0 on the 31st of the season.

D-Bucks commemorates the rare Homer with Justin Upton Broken Bat Home Rambobblehead Dolls next season. The first 20,000 fans before the match in the 2012 regular season gained momentum. “That’s not my best view, but it’s cool,” he said of the Upton Bobblehead doll.

Mark Teixeira (Yankees) vs. Phillies, May 24, 2009
When the Yankees played against Phillies on May 24, 2009, all matches at the Yankee Stadium in the 2009 season featured home runs. Teixeira wasn’t trying to end the streak, even if it meant breaking the bat to make it happen. Indeed, that’s what he did to Cole Hamels, the most valuable player in the 2008 National League Championship Series and World Series.

Teisheira smashed the bat in a solo home run from Hamels, who landed far beyond the left-wing wall in the sixth inning.Phillies Left Fielder Jayson Werth At first it broke into the ball-certainly, given the fate of the bat, understanding the ball is not that deep. But instead of a regular flyball, it eventually became Teixeira’s 13th homer of the year.

Barry Bonds (Giants) vs. Marlins, August 17, 2002
Eight days after hitting a career home run of 600, Bonds scored 601 following one of his 762 long ball rare home runs. Beyond the wall on the right wing of the Pro Player Stadium. Just another bond ginger? No, this split the best home run leader bat ever into two, one of which passed around first base.

Damian Jackson (Padres) vs. Astros, July 15, 2001
When second baseman spurred Padres’ come-from-behind victory and the bat spurred Padres’ come-from-behind victory at the broken Grand Slam, Jackson’s manager Bruce Bochy was among those surprised by Jackson’s split feat. is. It was just the 18th ginger in Jackson’s career.

“I was shocked,” Bowchi said. “I didn’t know he had such power, but he hit it in the right position.”

Jackson was unaware of anything different in his hands on his part. He thinks he’s just knocked on a solid base hit and added that the bat may have cracked first during his last trip to the plate.

“I hit it against the barrel,” Jackson said. “I knew I had hit it well, but I never dreamed it would disappear. I didn’t vibrate anything. It felt good.”

Grenalen Hill (Yankees) vs. Rangers, August 21, 2000
Throughout his 13-year career in the Major League, Hill used his home run power by hitting the ball on the rooftop outside Wrigley Field while playing for the Cubs on May 11, 2000. It was later in the same season after the trade with the Yankees. He hit another memorable home run, this time breaking his bat and deepening Texas rescuer Francisco Cordero.

The ball landed far beyond the left-wing wall of Yankee Stadium, and after he returned to the dugout, Hill showed his incredible teammates a crack in his timber near the steering wheel.

Bill Haselman (Red Sox) vs. Blue Jays, June 27, 1995
This had a little bit of everything. It was Haselman’s first homer of the season. This was the only hit that the Blue Jays relief player Woody Williams allowed from the bullpen in 4 1/3 innings. And it came in the appearance of Haselman’s pinch hitter, a game that was drawn 5 at the bottom of the 11th. Haselman’s broken bat, a goodbye home run, certainly did not lack dramatic talent.

“I’ve never seen it before,” surprised teammate Troy O’Leary, who returned home with a 6-5 victory in Boston that day. “But Haselman is strong. He was able to hit one with a toothpick.”

Judging from this incredible shot, O’Leary wasn’t too far away.

Jack Howell (Angels) vs. Yankees, September 5, 1987
Not only did Howell achieve an impressive feat of home ring while breaking the bat, but perhaps something just as impressive in the process: what the legendary Vin Scully has never seen before. I did. Scully sought an Angels-Yankees match later in the season at Yankee Stadium when Howell belted Solohomer over the right-wing wall of Tim Stoddard on the right. It was one of Howell’s best 23 home runs, ending at 108 in his 11-year Major League Baseball career.

“This is the first broken home run I’ve ever seen,” Scully said calling for an NBC Sports match. Scully also noticed that the broken part of the bat flew past first base.

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Broken Bat Home Runs Baseball History Broken Bat Home Runs Baseball History

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