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Denver Broncos tinkered with the roster on Tuesday, adding an aggressive tackle Adrian Erie to the practice team.

NS Denver Broncos General manager George Peyton made some deep moves on the practice team on Tuesday, adding a young man to the mix, each with some interesting advantages.

The team has added running back / return specialist Kerrith White Jr. To the practice team and aggressive tackle Adrian Erie, a 2021 class rookie who worked for the team last week.

While White is an elite athlete with an impressive overall test index, Adrian Ealy may have dropped out of the 2021 NFL draft altogether, partly due to a shortage of elite athletes. Still, he is a player worth watching for future Broncos.

Broncos adds aggressive tackle Adrian Erie to the practice team

Erie was actually shut down earlier this season because she violated the NFL’s performance-enhancing drug policy.Broncos probably had to dig into him after a pause, but apparently when he was surprisingly released RavensBroncos didn’t wait long to bring him for training.

Perhaps this was their priority after the 2021 NFL draft, but couldn’t convince them to come to Denver.

Denver’s tackle position has been bitten by snakes a bit in the last few weeks.

Garett Bolles, who started the left tackle, was injured a few weeks ago and had to be on the COVID / Reserve list after a positive test and missed the Sunday match against the Chargers.

Bobby Massie, who started the right tackle, also had to miss time due to an injury.

Even if both starters were expected to come back this week, Broncos would take the depth of the tackle as Calvin Anderson could be injured and fall into a short-term IR. Needed to be strengthened. Anderson has been doing well for weeks at the Balls location.

As Brandon Thorn shows in this clipAdrian Ealy did a really great job in Oklahoma, even with limited exercise.

Despite the elite’s lack of athletic ability, Erie does a good job of keeping the pass rusher in front of him with his tremendous length and wide frame.

As his skills continue to improve, he can certainly hide some of his athletic deficiencies with good hand placement, upper body strength, and a strong foundation.

This is certainly a prospect worth developing in the right tackle position. Unless he gets into trouble with the league, Erie is a great development talent and a worthwhile darts throw with Broncos’ coaches on Mike Munchak and Chris Cooper.

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Broncos adds an intriguing offensive tackle to practice the team Broncos adds an intriguing offensive tackle to practice the team

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