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Denver Broncos can get a big boost in the Pass Rush division with just one move to sign the recently released Whitney Mercils.

Denver Broncos suffered many injuries during the 2021 season and certainly had some significant consequences. One of the most notable injuries in the 2021 season so far has been an ankle problem with outside linebacker Bradley Chubb. Osteophytes.

Without Chub, Broncos would have had to get along with Malik Reed, the spot starter for 2019 and 2020. Still, something is clearly missing when a star player like Chub isn’t on the field, especially when talking about being with Von Miller.

Also, if there is no chub, the rotation will be a hit. The depth is not very strong and Broncos has suffered some additional injuries since the fall of Chub. In particular, newcomer Andre Minze recently joined the IR and has been there for at least three weeks.

Broncos can get a big upgrade with Pass Rush with one move

Have a chance Broncos You can get a big boost in the pass rush department and there is a reason to do so. The team has consistently not returned home enough. If Broncos believes it could be a playoff team, it may need reinforcement.

Despite the way many fans are talking about the team, it remains a possibility in case you don’t know.

General manager George Peyton makes the decision.Addition of Avery Williamson and even more more Recently, John Brown.

The Houston Texans has released the veteran pass rusher Whitney Mercills. This is the first round pick in the 2012 NFL Draft. He told the media after his release that he wanted to play for the candidate.The problem is he easy Is it the way to the fight, or does he want to fight for it?

A possible answer to that is that he wants to go and play for a team that is a legitimate candidate right now, and it’s hard to say that Broncos is in that category.

But Mercils certainly has a good relationship with Denver at this point.

Denver Broncos coaches Bill Coller (defensive line), Reggie Herring (linebacker) and John Pagano (outside the linebacker) have all worked with Mercils in Houston.

The problem is, Kansas City Chiefs We are also seeking help on the defensive side of the ball.

Broncos needs to make some important hires in addition to winning Thursday night if they need a chance to land a player like Mercils, who can be a big help in rotation throughout the season. ..

For now, this seems unlikely to happen, but George Peyton should definitely give it a try.

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Broncos can get a big upgrade with Pass Rush with one move Broncos can get a big upgrade with Pass Rush with one move

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