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Englewood, Colorado- Denver Broncos On Sundays, put a dull bow during the 5-11 season, which is numbingly disappointing and often annoying. The Super Bowl 50 win continued in the 7-9, 6-10, 5-11 and 9-7 seasons as it became exponentially smaller in the rearview mirror year after year.

John Elway, who has been calling the team’s soccer shot since 2011 due to disappointment on the scene, Leaving his role on Monday.. Citing the combination of being 60 years old, having grandchildren, meeting more people in more places, and yes, Broncos is currently unable to snap the five-year playoff drought, Elway I moved aside. He remains the team president and he and Broncos need to find a new general manager to replace him.

The new GM holds the key to what has long been a groundbreaking franchise in the NFL, and the first decision will be some of the biggest decisions the newly coined general manager must make in 2021. ..

To-do list including:

What to do with Drew Lock

Director Big Fangio said he wants a quarterback, like most people. Drew lock To get the job done this offseason, we’ll repair everything that needs to be repaired to reduce the total rock league-leading intercepts and the league’s worst completion rate.

Fangio said there was progress in rock play, and Elway threw his support in that direction on Monday.

“I still have great expectations for Drew,” Elway said. “… I think he will be a very good football quarterback in this league and could play in this league and lead the team to victory …. Drew delves into this offseason. I think it’s a chance to work. I know he does, and see if he can make the necessary progress to be that man. “

Ultimately, the new general manager’s feelings for rock will determine what the draft will look like, what the free agency will look like, and what plans for 2021 and beyond will look like in that position. However, the two men involved in this work interview, Elway and Fangio, believe in Rock if he rolls up his sleeves this offseason.

3rd year big fangio

Fangio will not only stay in 2021 but will also have a say in the decision to hire someone to control the players he coaches.

Fangio knows footballers and has seen many players, but his own growth as a head coach (an opportunity he has been waiting for for over 30 years in the NFL) may require a lot of self-diagnosis. I know. Especially when it comes to game management.

Broncos shouldn’t have used timeouts, but Fangio shouldn’t have escaped the review after the 5-11 season.

People always steal Fangio’s X and O, he is in its lofty position as a defensive spirit, but his ability to move into the long-term future with Broncos calls him a defensive play It depends on how you work when you are not. The new GM has to help him get there.

“I think Vic has come a long way this year. [but] “If you don’t win, your mistakes will be pointed out and emphasized,” Elway said. “There were some mistakes he made. I think he was the first to say that they were the mistakes he made.” Learn from them. Vic is a very smart guy and he adjusts and learns those mistakes. I see what happened and he has to deal with this year away from football Various things were ten times what he usually had to deal with. To get him back on schedule … and understand what it was to be a head coach and delegate his time Learn how to spend his time in different fields. I think he will get better. “

The future of Von Miller

2021 is the final year of the blockbuster $ 114.5 million trading linebacker Von Miller Signed in 2016, a few months after he put a nice glittering Super Bowl ring on everyone’s fingers. The ’21 contract has a team option that could bring one of the franchise’s most decorated players to the open market if the team does not exercise it.

This option must be exercised by the first day of the new league year in March (the day the free agent opens) to ensure Miller remains and guarantees a base salary of $ 7 million in 2021.

Elway commented on his decision with the new GM on Monday, saying, “I want Fong to finish his career here. He has been a great Bronco for a long time and it’s a big decision we make in the off-season. The goal is , To get the phone back and end his career here. “

What that means is still unknown about potential renegotiations, salary cuts, and multi-year extensions. However, Miller has a rare place in the team’s history as one of Broncos’ three Super Bowl MVPs, including Elway, and could be treated as such by the new GM.

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Broncos’ GM’s to-do list to replace John Elway-NFL Nation Broncos’ GM’s to-do list to replace John Elway-NFL Nation

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