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Englewood, Colorado-Two games left in his first full season Denver Broncos‘Many questions about his future in the tow position, starting the quarterback, Drew lock On Wednesday he said he believed he could be a “man” for a long time.

Broncos Los Angeles Chargers Held at SoFi Stadium on Sunday, the January 3rd season Las Vegas Raiders..

“I look forward to going out this weekend and making another claim that I should be the guy here and try to win these last two,” Locke said. “The decision is a decision, but I believe it’s the guy here …. Another year with the same crime, the sky is our limit as a crime.”

Broncos football division manager and general manager John Elway has not yet spoken publicly outside the team’s media about the future of rock, but said in an interview with the team’s website on Wednesday: ..

“There are some glorious spots out there, and I think he showed me, despite he doing a lot of work in many situations. Good things, great things in this league, how many are you? Keep the consistency you need to play with and eliminate mistakes …. We still like what he sees and think he has a chance to be a very good quarterback in this league I will. “

Rock enters the 16th week, when he is ranked 35th in the league’s qualifying quarterback. Carson Wentz, With a completion rate (57.7%), 13 intercepts outperform Wentz alone- Kirk Cousins And Russell Wilson There are also 13 intercepts. However, Locke’s 13 intercepts were only 355 (once every 27.3), 135 less than Wilson and 80 less than his cousin.

Rock missed two and one-third games this season due to a shoulder injury New Orleans Saints If you do not follow the COVID-19 protocol.

Rock play and the future have been a hot topic in the region. Especially now that the team has been removed from the playoffs for five consecutive seasons. Rock made 16 starts in two seasons, throwing 3,350 yards with 21 touchdowns and 16 passcuts.

“Quarterbacks are the most important position on the field and everyone wants to talk about it. We think everyone can play better than what they see on TV,” Rock said. .. “Everyone is in an easy position to talk and gossip. That’s the hallmark of this position.”

He also asked on Wednesday what he liked about his game and thought it needed repairs, Locke added.

“One of the best things about my game sometimes feels like catching me, but one of the best things is that I can turn bad play into good play,” Rock says. I did. “I can’t say that a normal person can do it because I can stretch the drive with my feet and throw. But sometimes when I try to throw them, I’m at the moment I try to throw them. The timing is great. It’s a kind of coexistence. ” “… it’s about knowing when to do it and knowing if the play is actually there.”

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Broncos quarterback Drew Lock still believes he’s a “man”-NFL Nation Broncos quarterback Drew Lock still believes he’s a “man”-NFL Nation

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