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Former WWE NXT superstar Bronson Reed recently appeared on the Chris Van Briet podcast, talking about being parted by WWE and feeling that Bronson Reed had died.

Bronson Reed said:

“Well, it was very shocking at first. Speaking of not being upset or angry, I would be lying, and all the emotions that accompany something like this. It’s like the moment of death. I didn’t lose anyone physically, but it was as if Bronson Reed had died. I’ve spent the last few years investing in myself and becoming a Bronson Reed character. But that’s it. I have to look for something new. I brought back a bit of what I did before WWE and became Jonah again, but it was hard. But I did it. I’ve had a hard time in my life and professional wrestling business, but even if it came, it prepared me for this day right away. I didn’t expect it to come. “

You can see Bronson Reed’s comments in the video below.

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Bronson Reed is let go by WWE Bronson Reed is let go by WWE

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