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NXT North American Champion Bronson Reed recently appeared in the WWE After the Bell episode, defeating Johnny Gargano in a Steel Cage Match in the NXT episode to become the NXT North American Champion and the first WWE singles I talked about winning the championship. Reed also talked about celebrating with his wife after the match and receiving greetings and praise behind the scenes at WWE COO Triple H and Shawn Michaels.

Reed said, “I remember referee Darryl handing me a belt when I won. I held it up. Looking at the camera, I was surprised to see the belt. “Sometimes things become everyday things and everyday work. I remember having a great moment when I became a champion with my wife. Applause behind the scenes. I remember the first two hugging me and celebrating Shawn Michaels and Triple H. I can’t dream of that. Now I have a good relationship with Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Talk to them. They are just humans. Sometimes I turn to myself, no, it’s Mr. WrestleMania, it’s the King of Kings. It’s crazy. “

Reed then contacted legends such as Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown after the match to talk about what they wanted to do during the reign of the NXT North American Championship.

Reed said, “Really many people.” “It makes a lot of sense to me that many colleagues reach out to me and send me a message. Someone like Mark Henry contacted me. He kindly sent me a message. And just congratulations. Probably a Nation of Domination like Bronson Reed? I’m a fan of them. It’s me because the people at RAW and SmackDown reach out. It also makes a lot of sense for me. Someday I will join those brands, so it makes a lot of sense to be blessed and seen by people from there.

“I want people to say,’I want to see more North American Championship matches,’ if the North American Championship is on the card and the NXT Championship is on the card.”

Reed then talked about who he would like to play in WWE or NXT in the future.

Reed said, “For me, there are so many great heavyweights at the moment that I have a lot of matches I want to play.” I think that’s what I want to tell you first, and then you can talk about others. At the moment my dream match is Roman Reigns. I want to go up to the ring together. It’s a person. “

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Bronson Reed talks about who he wants to play in WWE and NXT in the future Bronson Reed talks about who he wants to play in WWE and NXT in the future

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