Brotherhood of Steel is coming to Fallout 76 a week early

Overwhelmed by power armor, you will find it difficult to get anywhere quickly. Still, despite all the possibilities, Brotherhood Of Steel marched to Fallout 76 a little earlier than planned. After accidentally giving an Xbox player a gift of a techno-philic paladin, Bethesda chose to give everyone an update instead of rolling back the update and making people wait another week. How nice!

Well, Fallout 76’s SteelDawn update wasn’t meant to be a hit until this time next week. But today’s early error seems to mean that the Xbox player is already wandering around with expansion packs. So Bethesda decided not to kill their fun, but to shrug their collective shoulders and launch things properly for all platforms later tonight.

For a long time in Fallout Series Poster Boys and Gals, Brotherhood of Steel was particularly absent from Fallout 76. Not surprisingly, as the first game in the series, Pseudo MMO takes place very early on. Techno Night pedigree. However, along with Steeldon, the radioactive spacecraft set foot in Appalachia and set up a new camp at the Atlas Observatory.

That’s why new characters such as Paladin Ramani, Knightsin, and Scribe Valdes send you into the Holy Machine War to drive the old world technology found in the wastelands. But Brotherhood wasn’t the only addition. There are new features such as an underground bunker for camping and new companions in the next edition of FO76’s SCORE Board Battle Pass.

Maintenance of Fallout 76 tonight should be in progress and usually takes about 6 hours. Please come at 3am UK time. The server is back and you can leave it to Power Armor. Or keep sleeping. That’s your choice, right?

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The Brotherhood Of Steel are coming to Fallout 76 a week early

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