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Brown and Harley Yatara ride the surge after COVID

Following last year’s COVID slowdown, 2021 Kenworth and DAF dealers Brown and Harley’s Gold Coast dealers are on track.

Currently, the most difficult aspect of the post-COVID boom is procuring enough new and used trucks to meet the rapidly growing customer demand, according to the company’s dealer principal, Bruce Burns.

“Sales are very strong at this point, as most of our customers’ businesses are in turmoil,” Burns said.

“Everyone is struggling to make up for the supply shortage caused by the COVID. There are simply not enough new cars, caravans and boats for those who want to buy them.”

Burns said the company’s purchase order was a hit after the COVID occurred early last year, but this year’s month-on-month rate more than made up for last year’s shortfall.

“Currently, we can’t see the ceiling. This was a big shift for us,” he added. “This year, more than four times as many trucks have been ordered compared to the same period in 2020.”

Burns said the rise is consistent in all areas of the business, including services, spare parts and used truck sales.

“Our service department has a flat chat and we have additional inventory in the spare parts department so that we can deliver the right parts at the right time, yesterday,” he joked.

“Our used truck sales department is also busy and we can’t get enough good stock.”

Another area of ​​booming business is the newly established trailer sales division, which sells high quality brands such as Schmitz Cargobull, Pumpa and Krueger.

Burns hinted that the quality of trucks and trailers sold by Brown and Harley, as well as the government’s immediate asset amortization scheme, are other important factors in the continued success of the business.

“Currently, high-quality machines can’t afford to buy a new one, so they are often sold as second-hand goods for about the same price as a new one,” he said.

According to Burns, the global shortage of parts has helped increase lead times for new trucks because there are not enough parts to complete the required number of trucks.

“PACCAR production in Melbourne was planned to increase to a maximum of 19 trucks per day, but due to supply constraints we had to limit it to 16 trucks,” he said.

“Recent factory expansion has made it possible to produce up to 20 trucks daily in one shift.”

Burns does not hesitate to believe that the products Brown and Harley sell and the customer service they provide are second to none.

His ambition to join the company in 2004 came true after a long mission at a competing brand dealer who started as an apprentice diesel mechanic in the late 1980s.

“I worked as a mechanic on the workshop floor for several years before diverging to specialize in diesel pumps and fuel injection systems.

“After that, I went through the spare parts department and moved from working in the warehouse to servicing mechanics, servicing the telephone room, and servicing customers. I later became the person in charge of spare parts. “Burns said.

Burns began selling trucks in the late 90’s and had an ambition for the job he described as “the best truck dealers in the country, Brown and Harley.”

“I introduced myself to Brown and Harley-Davidson and was given the opportunity to meet the bosses Jim Harley and Rob Brown (the sons of their two founders, respectively).”

Burns started as a salesman for Brown and Harley-Davidson in late 2004 and moved to the Yatara branch, which opened in 2008.

“We were delighted to be able to sell high quality Australian products to high quality dealers and enjoyed the journey to our current position as dealer principals for Brown and Harley Yatara,” he said. ..

Brown and Harley Yatara ride the surge after COVID Brown and Harley Yatara ride the surge after COVID

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