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With Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen’s driver rankings close together and more choices for winning drivers this year, there are some suggestions that F1’s current rules provide everything a sport needs. ..

In addition, there are concerns that this is an overhaul caused by the new 2022 car, which will result in the grid expanding next year and allowing more resource-rich teams to see changes much faster.

However, Brown rejected the proposal that F1 was mistaken for what was planned for 2022. The purpose of the rule is to address areas that are currently lacking, such as the ability of cars to approach each other.

Brown said in an official F1 column: “Given that we are enjoying such a golden season this weekend, we have heard some comments on whether a 2022 regulatory change is needed.

“This year’s championship is thrilling, but I don’t think you can understand the fact that the cars are catching up closely and struggling to create a chance to overtake.

“The 2022 rules won’t change the situation overnight, but I think it’s a much better platform for improving racing on the track. Once the new rules settle down, some great races and championships. I’m sure we’ll see more wheel-to-wheel action in the future. “

Brown believes that some changes, such as cost caps that occurred during the Liberty Media era, contributed to the fact that the current title battle is very close.

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“Both championships are ready to take us to the end of the season and offer one of the most exciting endings of the year we’ve spent so long. F1 is blessed. “He said.

“Why is there such a great season? When I ran the team, there was no silver bullet. It was a case of stripping everything down to make a gradual improvement. I think sports are the same. increase.

“There is no doubt that the cost caps and rule changes implemented have had a positive impact on the tightness and strength of the championship.

“The team doesn’t have the ability to devote huge resources to the championship and use it to escape.

“Currently, resources are limited and the team is also focusing on next year’s car. This will take a lot of time and resources, and this all contributes to a close championship. . “

Brown, however, believes that any F1 rule is not just about turning into a lottery, it’s about enabling the best teams and drivers to take the lead.

“We still want pay for performance,” he insisted. “We still want the best teams to win, but they don’t want them to win the Country Mile just because they have a bigger budget than anyone else. It’s fun to see how things are evolving.

“Neither team is running away in the years of fighting in this championship.”

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Brown rejects proposal F1 rules no revolution needed Brown rejects proposal F1 rules no revolution needed

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