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Jarvis Laundry, Cleveland Browns. (USA Today)

Cleveland Browns wants nothing but a huge loss to the Houston Texans.

After almost defeating Jaguar Note’s Kansas City Chiefs with Arrowhead Cleveland Browns Have a great opportunity to bounce against Houston Texans In the second week for their home openers.

Cleveland far outperformed Kansas City on the road in the first week, but the Browns collapsed in the second half and Patrick Mahomes took over. This happens to most teams that play Chiefs, but Cleveland is one of the few teams that can realistically challenge at AFC. As for the Texans, perhaps the worst team in football is leading AFC South in the match after the first week.

Here are five bold predictions on the Browns side when the Browns challenge the Texans on Sunday.

Cleveland Browns: Five Bold Predictions for the Houston Texans in Week 2

5. Jarvis Laundry leads the team with a receive well over 100 yards

For most of his career, Jarvis Laundry One of the best owned receivers in football.Although he was never a man after catching NFL, He can be expected to play big in the middle of the field for his attack to keep the stick moving. Laundry had five receptions at 71 yards, but ended the game without a touchdown grab.

The only threat to having more yards than him on the Browns roster was the tight-end David Nyok. Laundry is not a threat to Cleveland’s other home runs, but it is one of the receivers who earns 9 or 10 yards each time a pass is thrown. Although it may be a lot of play, Laundry is the receiver most likely to lead the Browns in the yard on Sunday.

Dink and Dunk may not release the Texans from misery in the second week, but whether it’s death from a thousand pieces of paper or hay making to the dome, the victory is a victory. Yes, that’s what the Browns are doing. Do it in Houston with their home opener. Laundry may or may not record the first touchdown of the year, but you should expect to have received several Baker Mayfield passes.

Look for Landry, which has about 10 catches for something well over 100 yards in the air.

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Browns’ Five Bold Predictions for the Texans in Week 2 Browns’ Five Bold Predictions for the Texans in Week 2

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