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With a reduction in the NFL’s salary cap, despite his heavy salary Browns Reached a split round of playoffs without him, Odell Beckham Juniors will remain in Cleveland for the 2021 season.

Not only will Beckham (who will make $ 14.5 million next year) come back, but Browns will not let go Jarvis Landry, Who is reading a book to earn $ 12.5 million next season.Cleveland wants to resign Rashard Higgins, I am planning to join the free agent on March 17th. The market value of Higgins is about $ 25 million over four years. According to Spotrac..

“I think he’s an incredibly productive and dynamic player on the system, so I’m looking forward to his well-being,” Browns general manager Andrew Berry recently said of Beckham. .. Via Mary Kay Cabot on Berry added that he was “doing well” as Beckham continued to rehabilitate from the torn ACL injury. The three-time professional bowler caught 23 of 43 targets in 319 yards and three touchdowns in seven games last season before suffering an end-of-season injury. In 2019 (his first season in Cleveland), Beckham caught 74 of 133 targets with 1,035 yards and three touchdowns.

Berry also confirmed that he and his team want to revive Higgins, who scored 37 passes in his career’s best 599 yards and four touchdowns last season. Higgins, the fifth round pick of the 2016 draft, caught 113 passes in the first five seasons with 1,615 yards and 11 touchdowns.

“He clearly played an important role for us last year, and we have a really positive history with him …. we have good communication between him and his personnel. Keep it consistent. Where are you going? “

Berry laughed when asked Laundry mysterious tweets It was posted at the end of last month. The tweet caused a fuss, but Berry said Browns had no plans to part with the signed laundry throughout the 2022 season.

“He played really well for us last year,” Berry said of Laundry, who led the Browns with 72 catches and 840 yards last season. “He is one of our team leaders. Unfortunately, I don’t follow him on Twitter. We love Jarvis.”

Despite their expensive receiving duo, Browns now has A little less than $ 25 million With an estimated salary cap space. One of the reasons Browns has a lucrative cap space is the fact that they have quarterbacks- Baker Mayfield -People who are still playing under a rookie contract. Having enjoyed a solid season in 2020 following the disappointing 2019 campaign, Mayfield is entering the final year of his rookie deal. Browns must select Mayfield’s 5th year option by May 3rd. This could result in payments of $ 20 to $ 25 million (all guaranteed) for the 2022 season.

All teams have holes, but Browns is in a good position to build on last year’s 11-5 record and wild card round wins. Steelers.. Landry, Beckham and Mayfield are all in touch and have a running back. Nick chubb And Kareem Hunt.. Myles GarrettThe team’s sack leader last season has been signed throughout the 2026 season.

Higgins, outside the linebacker Olivier Vernon, Defensive back Kevin Johnson, Terence Mitchell And Karl Joseph, And right tackle Kendall Lamb One of the team’s top free agents. Browns is expected to focus on improving the front 7 on the defensive side of the ball over the next few months.

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Browns plans to maintain Odell Beckham Jr., who accepts the corps intact for the 2021 season

https://www./nfl/news/browns-plan-to-keep-odell-beckham-jr-receiving-corps-in-tact-for-the-2021-season/ Browns plans to maintain Odell Beckham Jr., who accepts the corps intact for the 2021 season

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