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Bruno Korea He admits he wasn’t ready during his first stint at the UFC.

South Korea (12-3-1) won their first UFC crack in Season 4 of “Ultimate Fighter Brazil,” which lost in the 2015 semifinals. At the UFC debut, South Korea was submitted by Matheus Nicolau and subsequently released. promotion.

Since then, the 30-year-old has won five straight games and will have a second chance on the UFC contract when he faces Carlos Bergara in the Dana White Contender Series 38 on Tuesday.

“Looking at my career, I was still a bit immature in sports when I was first given the opportunity to fight in the world’s largest organization,” South Korea told MMA Junkie. “After just four professional matches, I was already in the Ultimate Fighter and faced a much more experienced opponent. It was awesome. I lost to Matheus Nicolau and went to the UFC. After being dropped, I wasn’t discouraged.

“I continued to fight, mature and improve, both technically and mentally. The results speak for themselves. I did well in the last few fights. Now I have this opportunity in the Contender series. Now I’m a much better fighter than in 2015. I’ve been evolving for 6 years. I can’t wait. “

He will face Vergara (8-2-1), who has knocked out four opponents in the past, but Taekwondo specialists are confident wherever the fight goes.

“He looks like a Muay Thai specialist,” South Korea said. “He likes to change bases. He likes to throw left kicks and is very good at boxing. I studied him. Our fight is very active and at our feet, in the cage On the other hand, and I think it will happen everywhere, on the ground, etc. I will exchange fire from every position. I believe I will knock him out or submit it. “

He continued, “I am 30 years old now. This should be my peak. My future plan is to establish a position in the UFC, face top competition and run my own academy. I want to shoot the belt someday. I want to do everything I can for everyone who has encouraged me. I also want to set a good example for all the children who follow my career. I think I’m on the right track. “

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Bruno Korea aims to show that he has grown since his first stint Bruno Korea aims to show that he has grown since his first stint

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