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Bucks won on Sunday, despite a 10-point lead over Indianapolis Colts in half-time. However, the results were always questionable, as Tampa Bay often chose to take the difficult path to victory. Later in the game, Leonard Fournette’s 28-yard touchdown run brought Bucks to 38-31 with 20 seconds remaining. Its 7-point advantage represents an almost certain victory at that point in the game, but Buccane still almost blew it away.

On a subsequent kick-off, Bradley Pinion hit the ball into the end zone. However, Colts returnman Isaiah Rodgers defended it under an own goal post and pulled out a kick. Rogers erupted beyond Bucks’ porous kick-off coverage unit and returned the kickback to Bucks 32, 72 yards. Only the clutch tackle by Mike Edwards saved the touchdown that tied the game.

“Obviously, Mike has chased the guy with a kick-off return to reach the top of his life,” said Bruce Arians, head coach of Bucks. “And thank God for what he did.”

With 10 seconds left, Colts had two shots to tie it. After defeating Wentz’s first attempt, Rabonte David ended the threat with Pierre Dessia intercepting Ave Maria on the two-yard line. In retrospect, the Arians wished they could handle the last 30 seconds of the game well.

“Probably later, I got on the headset and talked to Leonard. [Fournette] Don’t score, “said the Arians. “That way, you always go out of time and kick the field goal, so there is no kick-off return, and when you think about it later, you don’t kick the ball deeply.”

Bucs RB Leonard Fournette – Photo: USA Today

To be fair to the Arians, I have no problem with Fornet recording a touchdown with 20 seconds remaining. Even from the range of chip shots, if you have another solid option, you will never trust the kicker in the result of the game. Well, if there is 1:20 left on the clock, definitely. Not going down by 1 in such a situation was a serious error. But with 20 seconds left, Colts needs to touch down with a single timeout. To lose the game at that point, you need to make a huge mistake.

But that huge failure almost happened. And this is where I blame the Arians a bit.Last year, Buccus Worst kick-off coverage unit in NFL history..This year, Bucc is Third worst coverage unit In the league. The only silver lining is that the Bradley Pinion allows very few returns. Against Colts, Pinion sent all kicks from the end zone until the final kick.

Why? Was it intentionally put into play? do not know. But that was a mistake that couldn’t happen in that situation. Perhaps the Arians thought the Pinion would take the ball out of play almost as usual. Maybe Pinion didn’t fully grasp it, and Rogers had a shot on the return. In any case, I’m sure Bucks will squib the ground in the middle of the field next time. I blame the coverage unit more than coaching, but the Arians are probably wise to improve his process a bit there as well.

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Buccane HCArians regrets late game decisions Buccane HCArians regrets late game decisions

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