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If there’s one thing Buccane offense wants to improve performance in the second week, it’s a run game. Tampa Bay ran the ball only 14 times in the first game of the season, the least attempt at the NFL.

When Tom Brady threw 379 yards and four touchdowns on his way to 31 points, they managed to attack the cowboys in the air to protect Bucks. Tampa Bay didn’t have to run the ball too much, but increasing the efficiency of the ground game will help in the second week.

Bucs LT Donovan Smith – Photo courtesy of Cliff Welch / PR

“You want to establish a run game,” said Donovan Smith on the left tackle. “It feels like every team. Nobody wants to be one-sided. To establish a run, run it, get a positive yard and actually count it. [runs] It is huge called. As the game progresses, things get much easier. “

Buccane averaged 3.7 yards per carry in 14 rush trials in the first week. This is enough, but not enough. The longest night run in Tampa Bay was only 7 yards. An explosive increase in play is important to justify Bucks running the ball more.

The second week’s match against the Falcons could be a great opportunity for Bucks. Atlanta dropped the season opener to the Falcons at home 32-6. The Falcons defense allowed 173 yards and 5.6 yards in a single attempt while being gouache to the ground.

Atlanta’s weaknesses can help build the trust of Bruce Arians, Ronald Jones II. let’s start this week. I know that other players on the team are involved. Buccane knows they can be a more efficient and hasty team and looks forward to proving it on Sunday.

“I think one big thing is to start a run game,” said tight-end Rob Gronkowski. “I like it. I love run blocking, so let’s start a run game this week.”

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Buccane’s aggressive players are open to establishing execution Buccane’s aggressive players are open to establishing execution

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