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Last time Tampa Bay Buccaneers The playoffs continued with the 2007 NFL season. It is necessary to return to 2005 when they last created the postseason as a double-digit winning team.

Of course, they won a double-digit win under Raheem Morris in 2010, but missed the playoffs due to the pile of NFC South districts.

This year there are many new things to see in this version of the Buccaneers. First, head coach Bruce Alliance led the team to continue the franchise’s record year of production.

Tom Brady set a franchise record, set a league mark, and led Drew Brees in a career that passed the touchdown record. It seems that Saints’ quarterback is leaving the active role.

Tampa Bay has contributed to newcomers like Tristan Wilfs and Antoine Winfield Jr., not only helping to calm some of Jason Licht’s critics, but also Byron in discussions with potential coaches. Helped to make Leftwich and Todd Bowles popular names.

Perhaps the best change to minimize the amount of coverage is the arrival of the franchise’s first credible kicker since the team left Matt Bryant from town. Ryan Scoop is also a franchise record setter.

All these new things have helped Tampa Bay secure its fifth seed in 2020. NFL playoffs, And set up a contest for teams holding a particular pain spot in the fan-based mind.

Remember that the double-digit winning team we talked about had a successful playoff? Well, that team also won 11 times. And they faced Washington in the wildcard round that year’s postseason.

The Buccaneers, led by Jon Gruden, hosted the game in 2006, which is hosted by a franchise version of Ron Rivera in search of a new name.

This time, the Bruce Alliance is taking the troops to the national capital and trying to do what Gruden’s troops couldn’t do. Defeated Washington.

According to the NFL, they will play at NBC next Saturday at 8:15 pm Eastern Standard Time as the final match for the Wild Card Round Triple Header.

From the press release

“The addition of a third wildcard team to each conference and the subsequent expansion of the playoffs resulted in the NFL Action Super Wildcard Weekend. For the first time, three games on Saturday, January 9th and Sunday, January 10th. Three games are played daily at 1:05 pm, 4:40 pm and 8:15 pm. “

The match is set. The record will be erased. It’s time to “win or go home” and for the record Tampa Bay Buccaneers team, they hope this road trip is the beginning of a truly historic end of February this year at Raymond James Stadium. is.

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Bucs faces familiar enemies in the 2020 NFL wild card round Bucs faces familiar enemies in the 2020 NFL wild card round

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