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For those who want some way to be able to play backs middle linebacker Devin White in Tampa Bay’s first playoff game in Washington next Saturday night. Bruce Alliance Head Coach essentially shut it down at a post-match press conference on Monday.

Bruce Alliance, Head Coach of Bucks-Photo courtesy of Cliff Welch / PR

“Now it looks like that (white is out),” said the Arians. “(I) wasn’t overly excited about it (playing on Saturday and Sunday). It seems that some players who can (can) play on Sunday can be costly. And we Still wants .. “

Another player mentioned by the Arians is Nose Harness Steve McLendon, who was signed following a leg injury against Beata Bear’s Bears.

The NFL COVID protocol requires positive players to be quarantined for a minimum of 10 days, and the next Sunday will be the 10th day after the White and McClendon positive tests.

After Alvin Kamara tested positive last week, the saints, who had to sit in the entire running backroom in a match against Panthers on Sunday, took a break scheduled for their first playoff game on Sunday. Playing one day behind the Buccaneers, Kamala and his running back teammates will be able to play the Bears on Sunday.

The Buccaneers hope that Shakir Barrett, who missed the season finale with the Falcons, will return to the team this week and play against Washington on Saturday. Barrett reportedly did not test positive, but moved him off the field on Sunday and was classified as a close contact.

“Shaq is back. I don’t know [McLendon] Not yet, “says the Arians.

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Bucs Whiteout for Saturday Playoffs Game Bucs Whiteout for Saturday Playoffs Game

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