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Budget 2021: Government may spend a lot of money to drive growth

(This story was originally February 1, 2021)

New Delhi: It is billed as budget As never before, it raises expectations that the government will open a purse to care for Covid hits Economy A large fiscal boost will return to a strong growth trajectory.

Budget bannerSo far, the government has preferred to pursue a cautious approach. Sector I need help.Several measures have been revealed, government Borrow Limits have been raised and spending on cash has been readjusted.

This strategy certainly opened up room for boosting public finances. But experts expect the government to balance and publish a new roadmap for fiscal consolidation. An economic survey released on Friday insisted on large-scale fiscal promotion, and Chief Economic Advisor Krishnamurtisa Bramanian said with infrastructure for the next 18-24 months to ensure growth returns to pre-Covid levels. We supported spending on financial support.

Shubhada Rao, founder of the Economic Survey, said: “We expect government spending to increase by 10% and a budget deficit of 5.5% in 2010, but FM believes it will reset and reset its fiscal targets with the revised FRBM Glide Pass. Solid Guanteco ..

The need for funding clearly urges the center to consider new ways to raise money to fund its ambitious recovery process. You will cut your investment in key ways to secure your valuable income. It shows that the government will set a target much higher than this year’s 21,000 rupees.

The center is unable to significantly meet its 2020-21 goals.However, expensive strategic sales rafts such as BPCL Air india The blockbuster LICEPO guarantees that the cashier will continue to ring next year. Most of the basic work on the sale of these assets has been completed and the government may make decisive efforts to facilitate strategic sales and monetization of the assets. We will also develop new public sector policies that will allow the entry of the private sector from 2021 to 22.

Sustainable buoyancy GST Revenue is coming as a big bailout and should be useful. The recovery in growth will also help restore the health of earnings in the coming months. Dharmakiri Josh, Chief Economist at Rating Agency Crisil, said:

Budget 2021: Government may spend a lot of money to drive growth Budget 2021: Government may spend a lot of money to drive growth

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