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Orchard Park, NY- Buffalo Bills Is 11-3, the first AFC East champion since 1995 and the third playoff bound in the last four seasons. They play some of the best football in the NFL, thanks to their ability to bury their opponents later in the game.

In the game with Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams And Las Vegas Raiders In the second, third and fourth weeks, respectively, Buffalo failed to build a half-time lead. It led to three close victories, including a reversal effort against Dolphins and Rams.

But in the last three games, Bills San Francisco 49ers, Pittsburgh Steelers And Denver Broncos 61-31 in the second half, including 41-10 in the third quarter. Bills dialed up aggression from halftime when there was a -47 point difference after struggling in the third quarter of the first 11 games.

“My coach at college, [Wyoming] coach [Craig] Ball said the game won the third quarter and won its first drive, “Bills quarterback said. Josh Allen Said. “We have stepped up to the challenge [offensive coordinator Brian] Dabol is challenging us and calling for a really good play, and we are out and running. That’s really it. “

Buffalo’s third-quarter aggression isn’t as good as a pass to Allen’s 55-yard wide receiver. Stephen Digs During saturday 48-19 rout Of Broncos.

Bills scored on the half opening drive and soon got another TD Jerry Hughes Regained fumble in Denver quarterback Drew lock In the first play of Broncos on the next drive. Buffalo then forced a three-out and regained the ball with a 35-13 lead with nine minutes remaining.

Given the state of Denver’s attack up to that point, the three-score lead seemed safe, but Bills wasn’t interested in playing ball-controlled soccer. Instead, in the first play following Broncos’ punt, Allen uncorked the pass to Diggs, flipped the field and returned Bills to the scoring position.

Dabol had called offensive games up to that point, but all of these calls belonged to Allen.

“I went [Bills quarterbacks coach Coach Ken] Dorsey and I said, “This is the play I want to be called.” “And Dabol gave me the opportunity to do that. If my outlet isn’t down, he trusts me in that situation. But that’s what we counted right away. It was one of the plays and our team outperformed them. I gave him the opportunity to catch the ball.

“Knowing that means the world to me [Daboll] I trust me enough to hear my opinion. … that’s the play I propose to him, and when he calls it and it hits, it feels a bit special. “

The path is Tyler base Field goal when Bills continued to score points in the second half of 27.

Buffalo’s attacks have nailed the game over the past three weeks, but their defenses are also accelerating. Having had two opponents in a row under 300 yards, he was forced to make five turnovers on national television in the last three games, recording two defensive touchdowns.

This means that the world is a witness to Bills’ return to complementary football.

“We want to be able to complement each other, especially when it comes to team wins,” said Bills coach Sean McDermott. “The defense came out, and in fact the whole unit came out in the second half, playing determined football and complementing each other. The defense scored again. This was great.

“These people got into a fire in the second half [and] It was fun to watch. “

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Buffalo Bills dominates Q3 after a close call early in the season-NFL Nation Buffalo Bills dominates Q3 after a close call early in the season-NFL Nation

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