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Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Really good and unusual TV tie-up (Photo: EA)

Readers look back on one of the best Learn about the Buffy The Vampire Slayer game and why he thinks it’s one of the best games on the original Xbox.

It’s funny to think that Buffy ended 17 years ago and started 23 years ago! Despite some suspicious special effects and fashion choices, the show is still holding up today. The reason it still holds up is the multi-layered protagonist whose witty and intelligent writing, reliable characters, and her psychic powers and destiny have given her an interesting dynamic.

Unlike shows like Charmed, which feature a similar premise that powerful women fight evil forces, Buffy’s gray morals and figurative demons make it a much more interesting watch and aired first. After 20 years from, it maintained a large audience.

Buffy had connections with many media outlets, from cartoons to failed cartoon series, but many forget that Buffy had six video games based on the show. Two of them were major console games. Today, I’m looking back at the game I switched from PlayStation to Xbox. I was a huge buffy fan, so this original Xbox exclusive was the reason I bought the console. Halo: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, not Combat Evolved – This is my game review.


Buffy begins sometime in Season 3 and acts as a very long-lost episode of the show. The story begins with Buffy retraining to become a cheerleader to help his friend Cordelia. Their rehearsals are interrupted when a group of vampires cuts off the school and begins to attack the students inside. Buffy then meets a super-powerful vampire called Malik, whose sole purpose is to steal books on spirit channeling.

Malik turns out to be working on the series’ favorite Spike, and the stolen book summons a demon named Laibach who owns Drusilla to manipulate the spikes and place bids. Laibach plans to use human sacrifice to revive the old Buffy’s enemy, the Master. Buffy’s job is to stop everything the Master throws at her, from the big shrimp demons, the changing vampires, the possession of angels, to the dreamlike territory.

This game does a great job of inserting directly into the series, but it’s 10-12 hours long and will be closer to the arc of three episodes than a standalone episode. Joss Whedon supports the game’s writing process, and as it shows, there are witty lines from the show that make it feel like the right part of Buffyverse.

In fact, this sentence is so powerful that many other modern AAA games are embarrassed, especially because of the strong character interactions. Buffy skillfully succeeded in providing a tense teen horror game with a comedy punch on the TV show, which really makes the game feel unique.

It’s an entertaining adventure that never gets boring even in that late moment. If this was the story arc of the show, I think it would have been liked by fans.

Gameplay and graphics

At that time, Buffy was a very nice looking game. Introduced within a year of the original Xbox lifecycle, the game actually boosted the console’s graphics capabilities with a great character model and striking lip-sync, much like its TV show counterparts. It was. Buffy himself looks great, but sadly Sarah Michelle Gellar decided not to provide a voice or portrait, so the in-game model doesn’t look exactly like her. But it’s close enough, and thankfully the voice actor gives the impression of a great buffy and her performance is accurate. She can nail the character in a wacky style, while having the vulnerabilities that make Buffy very attractive.

One of the little annoyances of the game is that Buffy can’t repeatedly quiz enemies or unlock doors. She seems to roll off the same game many times. Fortunately, there are many things that can happen and interacting with the Scooby gang is comically fun.

The environment is beautiful and detailed, with fallen debris scattered in caves and tombs, and destructible furniture that can defeat enemies and bring the world to life. I was very impressed with the game’s ability to reproduce the locale of TV shows very accurately. High school stands out in particular, and the interior is almost the same as a TV show. I remember in my first playthrough I wanted to fully explore this iconic place and wanted access to the entire school.

Other factors are also impressive. The particle effect is great, it explodes into dust when a vampire is stakeout, and its magical power shines in bright neon colors against dirty brown and gray environments. It looks great. The lights are haphazard and often on the slightly darker side, but bright places, for example, are best seen by the sun’s rays of God through the wooden windows of the angel’s mansion. HD remastering with improved lighting would be great!

Buffy’s third-person action-adventure wrestles with light puzzle solutions and platforms. It combines its ingredients very well, keeping encounters with enemies diverse and interesting. With the most difficult difficulties, Buffy can offer a reasonable challenge. You won’t be pushed to the edge of madness like Sekiro, but some battles require a good knowledge of block timing and the environment.

The enemy’s artificial intelligence is decent. Vampires throw projectiles when they are far away, but pick up weapons around the environment and use them in close proximity. At more difficult difficulty, the enemy blocks the attack, so mashing the button does not always lead to victory, and players need to change their tactics to gain an edge. Combat in Buffy is great. Designated buttons for punching, kicking, jumping, blocking and staking allow you to combine them in different ways to unleash a satisfyingly simple combo.

Screenshot of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer-Graphics are still holding up (Photo: EA)

Buffy also has some special movements that, when unfolded, cause the buffy to glow purple and temporarily slow down the time. These devastating attacks keep your fighting fresh and, when used wisely, can save you in some of the more tricky fighting. These can be used when the slayer gauge (the gauge above the health bar) is fully full. This will be replenished when the enemy is killed. It feels great to fly an enemy with a supercharged punch, and it really demonstrates Buffy’s superhuman powers.

Buffy also has access to many weapons and starts the game with only fists and feet and a reliable stake. Later in the game, Buffy gets a (quite pointless) crossbow, a bottle of hellfire and holy water, a holy water / hellfire supersawker, a mop, a broom, a shovel, and a reaper with throwing wings. .. I loved paying attention to the details of all these weapons. Mops are available in the Janitor Closet, and Buffy can attack multiple enemies over a wider area, but slower movements make them more vulnerable. These weapons also deteriorate over time and eventually break and become stakes. This is very cool.

There are also environmental hazards that can be used to your advantage. The depth here is pretty amazing as you can shoot vampires at the windows you board and the sun can destroy him, or throw others into the spikes of a tree to dust them hands-free. Other details such as Hell’s Fire / Holy Water Vials that can be used as projectiles, combined with crossbow bolts to create super-powerful arrows, or used to replenish super soakers, are in the game system at that time. Gives much more depth than other similar games. There is also an upgrade system that allows Willow to use the magic of the witch to upgrade your health and slayer power by finding hidden crystals at each level.

Buffy herself is light and responsive, but her attacks feel heavy and powerful. The sound effects of the game are excellent for each punch and kick landing, and the sound is satisfying. Reaper blades in particular slice enemies with metal shredder noise. This noise sounds great and enhances the satisfaction of using the weapon. The music is good and I know when the game will be quiet and Buffy can have an ominous and tense atmosphere, but it’s all over the game that techno in the early 2000s is excited. It’s the moment of creation, and boys make it work. Tearing the three vampires and the hellhound into a bright soundtrack is one of the best parts of the game and isn’t used very often so you won’t lose its influence.

Some of the less inspiring moments of the game come from either too simple mysteries or slightly uneven platforms. Buffy jumps really far and often staggers forward when out of balance. This can cause the platform to stagger or jump more than expected. Fortunately, automatic grabs to Buffy’s edges work so well that you rarely miss a shelf. It was a very small annoyance and was only a problem for me during the mid-level at Sunnydale Dock, including jumping exactly into a crate floating on the water (Buffy can’t swim for some reason).


No worries about calling Buffy the Vampire Slayer one of the best games of the original Xbox generation. It’s a combination of stunning visuals, compelling, well-written stories, fun and diverse combat, and top-notch voice acting. Not only that, the game holds up very well with the 18-year-old title. In my opinion, it’s better than other classic consoles like Halo: Combat Evolved. This is not surprising as we expect to get a backwards compatibility patch.

Score: 8/10

• Excellent and satisfying combat
• Great soundscape and music
• The voice cast provides great performance and the buffy-like sound is amazing
• Best graphics for 18 year old games
• Challenging, but never frustrating
• A decent story

• Jumps can be inaccurate
• Puzzles are too easy

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was released exclusively for the original Xbox in 2002 and can be played on Xbox 360 via backward compatibility. Currently, there is no option to play games on PC. Also, at the time of writing, it is not yet available on Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X due to backward compatibility.

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Buffy The Vampire Slayer retro game review – Reader’s Feature

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