Bugsnax Update 1.04 fixes a series of major issues

Bugsnax Update 1.04 is now available and fixes a series of bugs including boss progress issues.

With this fix, players who encounter the boss can now complete it later, but previously they couldn’t complete the encounter. There is a set of other issues fixed in this patch, including:

Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Added weather / rain forecast function to the map page of Journal. May Poptick capture faster.
  • Leaving the Boss Bug Snack no longer interrupts the progress of the quest forever.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Floofty’s Head Games quest to stop progressing after it ended.
  • Befika’s head deformity is now restored after being modified during the quest cutscene.
  • Quest-related Bugsnax will respawn more often if they don’t exist.
  • Improved eyelid movements for sleeping characters.
  • Prevents inputs from getting stuck after you push down the stick to launch the game.
  • Make sure the quest indicator is hidden during the endgame.
  • Improved ribbull speed movement when walking along walls.
  • Noodler will drop correctly when the held object disappears.
  • The world’s major items can no longer be physically moved.
  • When I jumped over the boat in the Filbo section of the endgame, soft rock was gone.
  • Even if you jump over the fence in the one-bus introduction scene at Garden Grove, soft rock is gone.
  • Players who accidentally pass through a secret tunnel without solving either puzzle can complete the puzzle and escape the underground death trap.
  • Gambling no longer says I’m trapped in the night queue when physically outside his barn.
  • Chandro no longer goes in and out of bed until 2am. (Same – Phil)
  • Snorpy no longer says suspicious candle lines if you light a candle before it arrives.
  • Fixes an issue where water objects could disappear when a camera screen effect occurs and the game pauses.
  • Improved performance regarding grass rendering.
  • Improves trip shot stability.

Bugsnax Available from the Epic Games Store on PS4, PS5, and Windows PCs. Currently, PS5 PlayStation Plus subscribers can use this title for free.

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