Bully 2 was in development before it was canceled in 2017

Fans have been asking for Bully 2 for years, and over the years there have been no shortage of rumors and speculation that it was being developed in some way at some point. But the latest rumors about the game are to pour cold water on all these hopes.

Recently, rock star insider Tez 2 told the GTA forum that Bully 2 was under development at some point, but to help rock stars focus on finishing Red Dead Redemption 2 and accelerate Grand Development. In addition, work on the game was discontinued in 2017. Theft Auto 6, which was pre-produced at the time. The same was confirmed by Reddit’s rock star insider Yan 2295.

This isn’t the first time Bully 2 has been reported to be under development and eventually canceled. Last year, a report claimed that the frequently requested sequel had been working for over a year in the early 2010s before it could be canned.

On the other hand, as far as GTA 6 is concerned, it’s definitely going to be Rockstar’s next big project. The game is reportedly still in its infancy and a bit far from launch, but rock stars may have been making fun of it lately.

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