Bungee writer officially announces Destiny 2 queer romance

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one of Destiny 2The writer visited Twitter over the weekend to dispel the confusion of some players and make sure that two of the game’s biggest characters are actually in love with gay men.

The romantic relationship between the exiled Warlock Osiris and the noisy Exo Titan Saint-14 Destiny 2 For a while..But in the discussion With Reddit, Games forum, And elsewhere, there are players who misunderstand their relationship as heterosexual bromance.

Saturday, Developer Robert Brookes I wrote a Twitter thread to get things done. “When I joined Bungie, I always felt that Saint-14 and Osiris were romantically involved.” When I became a narrative designer for the company, I knew my interpretation was really correct. I was overjoyed. “

He continued:

I’ve written Saint and Osiris as gays since I started working at Bungie. They are private and nuanced characters. There was never a space to articulate their identity. However, in the era of choir bait, nuances are lost.

When I saw how unclear the community was about something obvious, like “Zavala is awake,” I realized I should probably say something. It’s not a secret, so it’s not a point of speculation, nor is it a puzzle designed to be solved by the community. That’s them.

Yes, saints and Osiris are gay. It is always done.

Earlier this month, “even after the huge folklore fell, some players’ confusion about character relationships clearly continued.Immolant Pt. 1, ”Set the stage for this season as Osiris confronts the threat of a new hive. The scene ends with Saint-14 calling Osiris his “fiery bird” and promising to send him a letter while Osiris remains on his latest mission. “Osiris can’t contain the laughter. The saint is hugging him,” Bungy wrote. “His heart is starside, but Osiris still feels relaxed. Someday this will be enough.”

In explaining his desire to formalize the romance of the two characters, Brooks talked about the importance of representatives in the media and society. “It helps you identify yourself, understand yourself, and feel seen,” he says. Written on twitter.. “This is especially powerful for groups of people facing natural alienation and persecution.”

Homosexual relationships are hinted at in the story, but Queerbaiting, which is not fully realized, also influenced his decision. “Queer baiting exists, is unfriendly, and there is no place in a space that promotes queer-friendly communities or LGBT rights,” Brooks writes. “There is a place and time for nuances, but it isn’t, because doing so actively damages marginalized communities.”

Following the Twitter thread, New call from the community For Osiris and Saint-14 to finally meet again at the tower. Osiris, who recently returned at the start of the Season of the Hunt, is busy doing nothing at the bazaar while Trials of Osiris vendor Saint-14 is currently shopping in the hangar.

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