Bungie’s Game2 Give Charity Fundraising Offers Destiny 2 Exclusive Benefits and more

Launch this Giving TuesdayOn December 1st, gamers from around the world will unite to raise a large sum of money for a local children’s hospital in North America. This is just a live streaming of the video game during the second annual Game2Give charity drive.

Game2Give is a few days stream-a-tone that has developed a loyal foundation for influential supporters. This year’s initiative has already gained incredible support from influential people in the gaming community, such as Gladd, Gigz, tamsinwood, Sarah Daniels and T1 Riot. Starting with the long-awaited 24-hour marathon, Game2Give offers millions of Destiny fans, gamers and pop culture consumers around the world special perks and livestream experiences. This series of live streams will run for two weeks ending December 13.

Game2Give was created to integrate the gaming community around the world with the Bungie Foundation and 170 Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospital to raise significant funding and have a positive impact on the lives of children currently being treated. I did. Through CMN member hospitals with international programs such as Boston Children’s Hospital, The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) and Children’s National Medical Center, the funds raised through this unique event will be used for domestic and international life. Affect.

Starting today, players can sign up for the Game2Give website, donate any amount, and host their own Destiny 2 fundraising live steam. Those who donate will receive prizes according to the size of the donation. These exclusive prizes include in-game Destiny 2 assets such as the 2019 Mist Blossoms Emblem, Gilded Shell Exotic Ghost, and the new Light Keepers Emblem.

Gamers can support fundraising activities by making donations over the network during the stream. Gamers who have achieved certain funding milestones include GameStop / EB Games Gift Cards, Video Games Hardware Games Informer Digital Magazine Subscriptions, Destiny 2: Beyond Light Digital Deluxe Editions, Destiny 2: Beyond Light Physical, and much more. You will also get a chance to win the prizes of. Deluxe edition.

As if that weren’t enough, Game2Give is also partnering with online funding platform Omaze. Take part in the chance for gamers around the world to win $ 20,000 and create the ultimate gaming rig. The proceeds from this collaboration will also help Game2 Give’s goal of raising significant funding for sick children.

Organizers have harnessed the power of technology, games and strategic community partnerships to develop advanced approaches. Game2Give’s live stream is accessible on the major platforms Twitch and Facebook Gaming.Be sure to follow to keep track of all the exciting actions @BungieLove Receive the latest information.

For the holiday season Bungee Foundation And Children’s Miracle Network Hospital We would like to express our sincere gratitude to those who continue to bring smiles, joy and hope to “Little Light” everywhere.

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