Bungy cancels Destiny 2’s Osiris Trial again

If you’ve been looking forward to attending this week’s Destiny 2 Osiris Trial, Bungie has some bad news. The multiplayer tournament has been postponed again, thanks to an unnamed issue that Bungy discovered in mode.

Bungy said twitter The weekend Osiris mode trial will not be released as scheduled today, November 27th. According to the tweet, Bungy doesn’t know exactly when the trial will return to the game.

Bungie had previously informed players that Trials had left the table shortly after the release of the Beyond Light extension. At the time, Bungie also didn’t reveal what he found in Trials, but previously set a return date on Friday, November 27th.

This is frustrating for players as the Trials of Osiris event will undergo some new changes with the release of Beyond Light. It now includes a special high level equipment reward called the Adept Weapon. These are “masterworked” guns. This means that one of the major stats such as range and reload speed has a big bonus, and all other stats also have a minor boost. All of these bonuses have the potential to make Adept’s weapons the best in the game.

However, it is very difficult to obtain Adeptgan. You need to run a “perfect” trial. In other words, you will win 7 times in a row and lose zero. This is very difficult. In particular, Bungie’s matchmaking has been tuned so that the more you win, the more likely you are to face someone else who is heading for the perfect run.

While waiting for the trial to come back, Destiny 2 has at least a lot more to do. Check out our guides to unlock new exotics such as Salvation’s Grip, Cloudstrike and The Lament.

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