Bungy Changes Celebrity and Bottomless Sadness in Destiny 2 Season 14

Destiny 2Bungy said in a weekly blog post Thursday that the bottomless sorrow and benefits of Celerity will see major rework next season. The studio also revealed a major overhaul of the two tower vendors, providing separate places for players to buy weapons and armor.You will see both perks and vendor changes in Destiny 2 Season 14 begins May 11th with the revival of the Vault of Glass raid and the addition of the Transmog system.

With the resurgence of Osiris’s Trials last year, Bungee has added a new perk, Celebrity, that can only be rolled with the Weapon of Trials. Celebrity is a unique perk that greatly improves player stats if you are the only living member of the fire team in PvP. Earlier this year, the studio added similar perks to its Strike-specific weapon, the Bottomless Grief. A gun with bottomless sorrow will automatically reload the magazine when the player gets a kill. However, like Celerity, bottomless grief only works if the player is the last living fire team member.

These perks sound good, but they are of little use at this time. “Players don’t like to bet on themselves or their team,” as Chris Proctor, the leader in weapons features, pointed out. Without that failure, the perks do nothing and are undesirable to most players.

However, starting next season, there will be some improvement in both benefits. Bottomless Grief automatically grants +30 to magazine stats in addition to the usual perks (this is the rate of ammo growth based on the type of weapon). Celerity provides players with +20 on reload and handling stats, in addition to the “last player standing” basic effect.

Even better, both perks are automatically displayed on Adept weapons — bottomless sadness for Grandmaster weapons and ceremonies for trial guns. The perks are displayed as separate nodes below the perks on the far left, allowing players to choose one of these new perks, or something like an Outlaw rolled in another slot. It’s not entirely clear whether these perks are reserved for Adept weapons and their special slots, or if they can be randomly rolled in non-Adept versions (which tend to believe in the latter).

Bungie pointed out that other game mode-specific perks (what Bungie now calls “origin perks”) worked well with new perks added via the Deep Stone Crypt raid. The studio seems to avoid “failed” perks like the original Celebrity and Bottomless Grief in the future, but said it plans to add more origin perks in the future. Please note that players will need to obtain a new Adept weapon if they need a guaranteed Bottomless Grief or Celerity node.

Bungie provided this preview of the next Transmog system earlier this year.
Image: Bungee

In addition to these perk changes, Bungie also revealed some vendor improvements in Season 14. The studio has previously announced that Ada-1 will return to the tower to act as a Transmog vendor. Or the process of making one armor look like another. But a new blog details her other role, the armor vendor.

Ada-1 sells two random armor mods daily, giving new players the opportunity to diversify their weapons. Ada-1 also sells an entire set of randomly drawn armor from the World Root Pool (no raid armor as it is only armor dropped from common activities or enemies). This weekly armor set works like Xur in that it changes weekly and fixes statistics for all players for a particular week.

With Ada-1 taking over the weapons mission, Banshee-44 — Gunsmith — expands his weapon offering. Starting next season, Banshee-44 will randomly sell 6 different weapons (2 kinetics, 2 energies, 2 powers) per week. Each weapon comes with a static perk roll that allows players to spread the word to their friends if the Banshee-44 sells particularly good weapons. This is a great new addition for players who seem unable to pick up good rolls of other weapons in False Promises and the drop pools of the general world.

Both Ada-1 and Banshee-44 sell upgrade materials such as Ascendant Shards and Prisms. All of these changes will be visible at the start of the game on May 11th. Destiny 2The 14th season, which has no name yet.

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