Burnout 3 has been remade in GTA 5

If you were a teenager, Burnout 3: Takedown probably has a special place in your mind. Grand Theft Auto 5 Player has brought a classic racing game to a new generation of GTA Online, creating a very nostalgic teaser video.

The Lucas RPDJ demonstration posted on Reddit began as a reproduction of the opening cinematic of Burnout 3 before moving on to actual gameplay, featuring the F-Ups “Lazy Generation.” The credibility of the menu, car selection and new song pop-ups is impressive enough, but the driving is very similar down to the UI.

From the camera angle to the sense of speed, here is the characteristic chaotic atmosphere of burnout. Like burnout, you need to control your traffic and defeat your opponents. Every detail is here, including on-screen markers that pop up every time you touch your opponent, and you can earn boosts by becoming a seasoned driver. Being GTA 5, there’s plenty of room for quirky physics. In short, crashes can still be bold. Watch out for white sports cars that cartwheel in the first few minutes.

The message after the Start screen indicates that this is a complete remake concept trailer. You can see that the clip has a complete interface for hosting and joining the lobby.

Look for yourself:

So, I reproduced the famous racing game in the rock star editor of r / gta online.

Pay attention to this. Burnout Studio Criterion Games has recently shifted gear and is working on the next Need for Speed ​​game.

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