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Thanks to the update of the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Kickstarter web page, the studio behind a successful crowdfunding project has announced that it is considering bringing the TY the Tasmanian Tiger Bush Rescue HD game to the console. .. The post further explains that they are listening to fans and continue to reveal where the studio is regarding the coding of HD sequels already available on PCs.

I have heard of it. TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: We’ve also listened to and answered your questions about bringing Bush Rescue to the console. It has already been remastered in HD on the Steam platform (for PC). Textures, effects, user interface updates and more. We have already begun investigating the coding work to bring TY2HD to the console. Yesterday, Steve aired time to review TY2 and looked for more art to improve.

In addition, this page details some bug fixes and improvements for the first Ty games currently available on Switch. Please see below.

  • Options for disabling motion control support added to the pause screen
  • We’ve added a hardcore mode warning UI at the start of a hardcore game to make it easier for players to understand what that means.
  • Added new control / camera flips for swimming and doomeran controls
  • Implemented first-person infrastructure run effect on switch
  • Other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

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Krome Studios looking at bringing TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue HD to consoles

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