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Gordon “Butch” Stewart (File)

Gordon “Butch” Stewart, founder and chairman of ATL Group companies, died last night. He was 79 years old.

Stewart, who is also the chairman of the Jamaica Observer, will be the most memorable of the award-winning Sandals and Beaches Resorts that helped establish the Caribbean, especially Jamaica, as a world-class tourist destination.

Last night, his son Adam, Vice Chairman of the ATL Group, said his father’s death was “almost unbelievable” as he remained involved and thought positively.

“He chose to keep his most recent health check-up private, and we respected that wish,” said young Stewart.

“He was a marketing genius and talented showman, but those who knew him best recognized that he was a dreamer who was bigger and better able to dream than anyone else. It was often said, “The best thing for the people around him is the dream catcher.” That’s why he always acknowledges his success to the great teams around him, listens enthusiastically about creating innovative things that excite and delight guests, and is so much reminded of every day today. That’s why it’s important. We all continue to be his dream catchers. “

“Together, we are all one of something bigger than us, led by a man who has given us the tools to believe in us, learn, grow and realize our dreams. Became a club. For him, and thanks to him, we continue to have big dreams and realize his belief that true luxury is always the most enjoyable in the ocean.

“My father lived a big life as a husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, entrepreneur, politician, dreamer, etc. He disobeyed the odds, exceeded expectations, and his passion for the family A unique personality and unstoppable power that was only possible with the people of the Caribbean who were fierce champions. “(Jamaica Observer)

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Butch Stewart Pass – NationNews Barbados — Butch Stewart Pass – NationNews Barbados —

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