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Butigeg points out infrastructure needs


Butigeg points out infrastructure needs

The U.S. Secretary of Transportation says the Biden administration feels “good” for the proposed bipartisan infrastructure deal to pass the Senate within a few days after the remaining issues have been “solved.” ..

The bipartisan infrastructure deal failed Wednesday’s test vote, but Pete Butigeg said another vote could take place at any time and approval would begin discussions on the infrastructure bill.

He said the agreement would provide farmers with a more stable supply chain.

Butigeg told Brownfield that the investment would give farmers the confidence that the necessary roads and bridges would be repaired.

“But it’s also like the certainty of the market that comes from having a freight system that works very smoothly. So whether you’re talking about the truck side, the train side, or the transport side, you’re backing up. No, “he said.

With more than $ 100 billion invested in roads and bridges across the country, and an additional $ 16 billion in ports and waterways, Butigeg says the port needs to be renewed.

In particular, the ability to deliver these goods to these export markets depends on removing some of these supply chains. That’s why we need to work in the harbor, “he said. “As with coastal ports, inland waterways in the heart of the Midwest, for example, also need work.”

Butigeg said that every part of the US infrastructure needs work, and that every part is dealt with in a bipartisan package.

Butigeg points out infrastructure needs Butigeg points out infrastructure needs

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