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The scoop did not become the mainstream T20 weapon as expected. A new era of fireworks tools is the ramp. However, among those few loyal people, Jos Buttler, who can spread the ramp and hit back with equal dexterity, remains a scoop on his signature shot.

The Englishman gives his stroke a twist of his own.His slope is like a hockey drag flick, but his scoop is very different from both AB de Villiers And two of its best supporters, Tillakaratne Dilshan. Both de Villiers and Dilshan knelt on the keeper’s head to deflect the ball. Dillshan was once in a sweeping position — just match the ball, crouch, fill the ball completely, and flip the ball over himself and the wicket keeper’s head. The South African was spinning his body to cover the angle of delivery, and was often on the ground after performing a shot.

However, Butler shuffles, bends his knees and upper body, waits for the ball, and meets the ball. If possible, slide the ball to the left of the keeper rather than overhead like Dillshan or De Villias. His shuffle is to get out of the line of the ball and get more control and readjust the shot when the delivery is full. Most bowlers tend to follow the batter, so they tend to bowl away from the stump as the butler moves, thus reducing the chance of being trapped or bowled forward if he misses the ball. To do. Replaying the shot requires some pre-meditation or at least a quick identification of length, and a line (preferably the outer leg of the stump). When the butler is moving, rather than on one knee like Dillshan, the butler gets a wider arc of “V” opposite to the more crumpled room.

Despite the movement, his head is still looking at the ball and his balance is not compromised. He explains in Sky Sports’ batting master class: I just want to put the bat directly in front of me and I’m trying to land the ball on the bat. ”

Interestingly, he doesn’t flick the ball, puts the bat in the park like a slide, and bounces it off the bat rather than pointing it. Logic: “There are a lot of things that go wrong when you try to flick. On the other hand, when I keep it stationary, I almost divert it. I don’t want to hit the ball too much. Then it doesn’t work. There are many things, “says Butler.

He says it’s like flipping a pancake. Before the series, he just puts someone under his arm and practices the movement so that it is embedded in the muscle memory and practices the shot.

In the middle, he says he waits for the sound of the ball hitting the ground to take his head and then touches the ball. “Wait for the sound of the ball hitting the ground and then release your head. Light travels faster than the sound, so if you’re waiting for the sound before you release your head, you’re probably watching enough time to hit it. Probably, “explains Butler.

It covers most locations, but many things can still go wrong. There is an example of him missing a shot and cutting out a stupid figure. But that didn’t necessarily hold back Butler.

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Butler’s Scoop: A fun treat with a unique twist when he understands it correctly Butler’s Scoop: A fun treat with a unique twist when he understands it correctly

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