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The off-season is inevitably a period of prediction and speculation, pondering the hypotheses that the Pittsburgh Steelers will face during the next year, whether they’re working on free agencies, drafts, or field performances. It will be an ideal time for you. Or some more temporary topics.

That’s what we’re trying to cover in our buy or sell series. Each article introduces a topic statement and weighs some of the discussions for buying (agreeing or expecting to be true) or selling (disagreeing or expecting to be wrong) it. To do. ..

The scope of the topic is deliberately widened, from general to concrete, from immediate to distant future. And since we all tend to have an opinion on almost everything, I encourage you to share yourself every morning in the topic statement of the day.

Topic statement: Kevin Dotson needs to keep the job of the first left guard, regardless of whether Matt Filer is ready to return to the lineup.

Explanation: Matt Filer started the first 13 games of the 2020 regular season with the left guard after moving from the right tackle to that location. He suffered a pectoral injury in a Buffalo Bills game and was put on the disabled list, but this week he is eligible to return to practice and play. Rookie Kevin Dotson plays most of the snaps that Filer missed and continues to portray himself well.


In fact, Kevin Dotson has played better than he expected coaching staff to do early in his career, especially given the limited off-season. He will inevitably be the starter for next year and is currently playing at a sufficient level. He has played in the last two games, so it’s a good idea to keep that rhythm.

The filer is not a longtime left guard, and Ramon Foster has locked his position since the second half of the 2012 season. Switching the filer to Dotson is not an important “chemistry” issue. In fact, as a more natural guard, Dotson could be an upgrade.

Then there’s the simple problem that even if the filer returns, it’s unlikely to be 100 percent. Chest injuries have a slow healing method and are prone to re-injury. In the worst case, if the rookie is struggling, he can always rest assured that he will get off the bench.


You wouldn’t want to put a rookie in your starting lineup if you could avoid it, if it’s straightforward, especially if you’re not along the attack line, especially during the postseason, especially if he wasn’t the mainstay of the lineup. Dotson started four games this year, but two games became lightguards early in the season. The last few games include his first snap on the left guard.

Filer is a veteran who has been in the Steelers Lineman Room for six years. He may have started primarily with tackles, but he has a lot of people in the pre-season, training camps, and off-season, doing a series of credible jobs over the years.

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Buy and sell: Kevin Dotson needs to stay in the starting lineup, regardless of Matt Filer’s health Buy and sell: Kevin Dotson needs to stay in the starting lineup, regardless of Matt Filer’s health

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