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What about your crypto portfolio? Over the weekend, after spending an overall bearish day in the Friday market, I saw cryptocurrencies chill. After the first case of the Omicron variant was discovered in the United States last Wednesday, all three major stock indexes ended in the red on Friday, recording losses for the week.

On Friday, Nasdaq lags behind the Dow and S & P 500, hitting tech companies the hardest. The sale spilled over into cryptocurrencies, but there was no clear reason for the decline. However, some crypto enthusiasts believe that liquidation of the crypto derivatives market, concerns about the Fed’s monetary easing in the midst of non-temporary inflation, and concerns about new Covid variants caused this decline. ..

As of Sunday, Bitcoin has been hovering at just under $ 50,000 and Ethereum has fallen nearly 8% this week. Many investors sold Bitcoin in the downturn, but one investor bought more — El Salvador.

El Salvador’s president, Nayib Bukele, tweeted about his country’s recent Bitcoin purchases. 150 coins for an average price of $ 48,670. In September, El Salvador made legal money on Bitcoin. Since then, the country has acquired 1,370 BTC.

El Salvador frequently buys Bitcoin dips. President Bukele announced on November 26 that his country had purchased 100 additional BTCs after prices fell following news of the new covid variant. What do you think about El Salvador buying the dip again? Did you buy a crypto dip?

I am not a financial adviser. My comments should not be taken as financial advice. There are risks associated with investing, so be sure to conduct a survey and analysis in advance.

Buy dips 📉 Buy dips 📉

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